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PRangerX 03/16/21 09:54 PM

Forming a new Hulu
I was thinking about some of the companies that don't have premium streaming services. I think Fox, MGM, Sony, and Lionsgate should partner to create a new Hulu type streaming

mbozzo 04/26/21 10:27 PM

Re: Forming a new Hulu
Since Fox Entertainment is now a part of Disney and MGM is a part of Warner Brothers, This new steaming service should feature stuff from Sony and Liongate only. :idea:

PRangerX 05/06/21 07:56 PM

Re: Forming a new Hulu
The former 20th Century Fox is part of Disney. Fox Entertainment is still part of Fox and produces whatever original porgramming they have left. Most of there ip went to Disney but it doesn't mean they can't produce hew shows.

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