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Dic Dubber 10/13/17 08:38 PM

Sailor Moon Season 3
It seems my original post got deleted. PRangerX said he deleted it on accident. So I will post a new version. It might not be exactly the same. This is a continuation of the DiC Dub Storylines.

The Negaforce awakens Jedite to command the Negaverse. Who Kidnaps the four weird sisters. He brainwash them to be his Generals. The weird sisters are sent to drain energy for the Negaforce and defeat the Sailor Scouts.

After each battle, the Sisters are defeated. But the other Scouts all all captured by Jedite. In a final battle with Jedite , Serena sacrifices herself save her friends. . Jedite is defeated but the moon princess is gone. The Negaforce takes her body as her host. Which was her plan all along .

The Sailor scouts are forces to fight the Negaforce in the body of their former friend and princess. Darien turns into Endyimon and is able to purify Serena's body and return her soul.Princess Serenity than defeats the essence of the Negaforce once and for all. The Weird Sister' spirits are freed and sent to be reborn in the future...So they can become Rini's Scouts.

mbozzo 09/20/20 10:17 PM

Re: Sailor Moon Season 3
I can't wait to see how this story will turn out. :D

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