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Default Re: Unused Metal Hero monsters in VR Troopers.

Here's some Shaider ones first.

Singing Shingin = I can see it being a creature that hypnotizes them with its song.
Hungry Gaaki = I can see it basically being a Pudgy Pig type of situation except its mission is to only starve people in the Reality Barrier and unlike with Pudgy Pig it can't eat the weapons or the Trooper armor.

Upper Half Monk = I can see this one being about the Monk looking for his Bottom Half because together they generate an incredibly powerful barrier that no Trooper gear can penetrate.

Moviemovie = He would transport the Troopers into his own movie dimension and this would be kinda like Cinecon's world except it wouldn't have the lame ending where Trip took the final page of the script but instead with this story in order for the Troopers to escape they would need to defeat multiple Skugs, Ultra Skugs, minions and monsters are the same time including running into multiple versions of the leadership such as Grimlord, Icebot, Ivar, Oraclon and other monsters.

Strong Fighter Lortail comes from Metalder. I would have it be so that she just graduated to become the new Monster to take on the Troopers but one of her powers is that she is able to disable any male that stands in her way regardless of whether they have their Trooper gear or not so it'd be a battle between her and the female Trooper; Kaitlin and it'd be Kaitlin's job to finish her off.
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