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Default Re: Unused Metal Hero monsters in VR Troopers.

Those all sound cool.

I like the idea with Lortail the only problem I can think of is that they would have to make an American suit for her just like they would have to make an American original finisher for Kaitlin.

Still I think when I'll be writing my fanfics I'll do that, and call her Sirenbot.

How about one where the MOTD is Buyo Buyo, and call him Funbot or something, and there's a part where the Troopers transform into battle grid mode but go somewhere else besides the battle grid like in Dream Battle.

And there Funbot shoots a beam at them, and Ryan gets out of the way but Kaitlin, and JB get hit, and it turns them into something like maybe frisbees, or balls I don't know.
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