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Default Re: Unused Metal Hero monsters in VR Troopers.

I was going to start a new thread but then I realized it wasn't all that different from this one.

I remember watching the VR Troopers episode Grimlord's Big Breakout and my biggest pet peeve was that I didn't like Nutsy's monster form, and I thought about them just using Jailbot for Nutsy's monster form.

But then I remembered how much I wished VR Troopers adapted Emperor Gulitouine from Spielban, and I had this weird thought that maybe Nutsy could get turned into Emperor Gulitouine, and later in the show he turns into Jailbot as a monster form to fight Ryan.

I also thought about having Knighttime being a woman, and she was Ziktor's sister, and Nutsy's wife and her human name was Natasha Ziktor Nichols, and later she also turned into a monster in her final appearance and her monster form was MeroMero.
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