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Default Re: They need to bring back Tommy to Mentor another team

That's a bad idea. He way already asked back for DinoThunder, which already was like a soft cannon re-boot & continuation at the same time since DinoThunder officially shifts Ninja Storm to the main continuity with Tommy's Ranger video diary in Legacy of Power and the DinoThunder/Ninja Strom team-up 2-part episode Thunder Storm.
Tommy also appears in S.P.D.'s Wormhole, but no-one called JDF to come back and at least do the ADR for his character. Plus Power Rangers can do just fine without JDF and Tommy Oliver, it just needs a good writing team that actually puts some effort in writing the season and not having their ideas rejected by The Powers That Be.

And Tommy came back as an individual character from a previous season way too many times already: Return of an old friend (Part I), White Light (Part I), Forever Red, Day of the Dino (Part I)/Back in Black, Legendary Battle, Dimensions in Danger.

If someone needs to come back and if that someone needs to be a Ranger from a past season, I'd rahter see Billy, T.J., Kendrix, Dana/Carter, Wes/Eric/Jen, Merrick, etc. etc..
Maybe even Jason. It's time to see some other Veteran Rangers shine. Tommy's storyline is already over-completed.
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