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Default VR Troopers Episode School's Out

Just for fun I decided to write a fan made stand alone episode of VR Troopers.

V.R. Troopers
School’s Out
Written by Justin Zhane Best
Directed by Robert Hughes

EXT: Temple in Crossworld City Park

*Ryan is standing in front of the steps*

Ryan (narrating): “When I was a kid my dad once said that there’s no greater power than knowledge, and that you should try to learn at least one new thing a day”

*fade to young Ryan studying while Tyler helps him*

Ryan (narrating): “Like all powers though it was one Grimlord tried to use for evil”

*fade to*

EXT: Underground Voice Daily

*inside Kaitlin is at her desk talking on the phone*

Kaitlin: “Uh huh I see well I’ll be over there soon Mr. McCallahan bye”

*Kaitlin hangs up the phone, just as Percy comes by*

Percy: “Well well Ms. Star what is it today? Toxic waste in Crossworld Lake? A forest fire? A kitty stuck in a tree?”

*just then Woody also comes by*

Woody: “Actually Percy Kaitlin is going to do a story on Crossworld Elementary’s students of the month”

Percy: “Really? Then what about me?

Woody: “All right Percy you’ll be doing a story on this year’s Ms. Crossworld City pageant”

*Percy starts jumping for joy*

Percy: “yes yes finally this is the story I’ve always wanted thank you Woody you’re the best boss I ever had”

*Percy then runs out of the office screaming at the top of his lungs*

Kaitlin: “Did you tell him it was the “little” Ms Crossworld pageant? As in little girls?”

Woody: “Ahh don’t worry about it. He’ll figure it out when he gets there”

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