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*cut to*

INT: Crossworld Elementary

*The Students get back to class when Schoolbot in his human disguise shows up*

Schoolbot: “Now kids I want you to pull out your notebooks, and start writing what you learned today”

*the Students do as their told except for Jimmy who goes back to drawing monsters. when they aren’t looking Schoolbot pulls a quill that begins sucking all the knowledge from the students and the kids start having problems with questions they knew the answers to moments ago*

*Just then Jimmy notices the quill but looks back at his drawings before Schoolbot can notice him*

Jimmy: “Ah Mr. Billingsley can I go to the bathroom”

Schoolbot: “Sorry Jimmy but I’m afraid your still going to have to wait until class is over”

*Just then Jimmy thinks of something*

Jimmy: “Oh Mr. Billingsley I finished that math assignment you wanted”

Schoolbot: “All right then”

*Schoolbot then goes up to Jimmy’s desk, picks up his papers, and goes back to his own desk, he then looks at the pages*

Schoolbot: “Huh what the? Jarakzllor? Scythorm? This isn’t what I”

*he then looks up, and notices Jimmy has disappeared*

Schoolbot: “Drats Grimlord’s not gonna like this”

*Jimmy then runs down the halls trying to find someone who will listen*

Jimmy: “Help help my teacher’s a monster help”

*Jimmy runs by the auditorium as Kaitlin is just about finished setting up her equipment*

Kaitlin: “Huh what was that?”

Mr McCallahan: “Oh probably just some kid with a wild imagination”

Kaitlin: “Well I’ll have a talk with him”

*Kaitlin then goes up to Jimmy*

Kaitlin: “Now what’s all this talk about monsters?”

Jimmy: “My teacher he pulled out this weird quill, and it started glowing, and all the other kids started looking like zombies”

Kaitlin: “If I take a look, and there’s nothing there will you go right back to class?”

Jimmy: “Yes mam”

Kaitlin: “All right then”

*Kaitlin, and Jimmy go to Jimmy’s classroom. Kaitlin then looks through the door, and sees Schoolbot holding his quill, and draining the intelligence from the students*

Kaitlin: “All right I believe you go to Mr McCallahan I’ll go for help”

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