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To keep it simple, MMPR-Galaxy including Galaxy are all 1 story.

The series is still in the same universe however once Lightspeed started, they just did their own stuff without any regard to the past. Some seasons do have references to the past so here's a recap of what seasons have references to the past even if it's just teamups.

Lightspeed = 5 Galaxy Rangers, Trakeena (Kendrix is there instead of Karone)

Time Force = 6 Lightspeed Rangers, Angela Fairweather, Vypra

Wild Force = 6 Time Force Rangers, Ransik, Nadira. All Red Rangers except for Rocky.

Ninja Storm = Only 1 I recall is a reference to Triforia but I'm sure there was another 1.

Dino Thunder = This was more reference heavy due to Tommy returning in it so there were some references back to his time.
Also the 6 Ninja Storm along with Sensei, Lothor, Kapri, Marah, Zurgane and Kelzaks.

S.P.D. = Dino Thunder Rangers, 1 ep features just the first 3, 2nd ep features all 5 of them. Also features Zeltrax, T-drones and Triptoids.

Mystic Force = Just Piggy.

Overdrive = Just getting a scale from a dragon in Briarwood which was the city/town that Mystic Force took place in.

Jungle Fury = Nothing.

RPM = Nothing.

Samurai = It only had RPM but it considered RPM to be in another dimension. Only RPM's Ranger Red was in it. Also Bulk being in it and he made a mention of Skull.
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