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Default Re: What jobs would you want them to have?

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corrected Kimberly's for you.

The rest I agree with except for Trini since I think Ambassador works better and Zack I think a dance choreographer

Adam = Stunt Choreographer
Kat = Pan Global trainer
Aisha = Vet owner
Rocky = Karate Dojo Instructor

Joel = airplane pilot
Dana = Doctor for all, not just kids
Chad = Swim/Scuba instructor
Kelsey = Mountain climb teacher
Carter = Firefighting captain

Alyssa = School Teacher
Danny/Max = travelers
Taylor = still doing her air piloting
Cole = Animal Instructor

Shane = Wind Ninja Sensei
Dustin = Motocross expert same with the Thunders
Tori = Surf Shop Owner and Swim Instructor

Conner = Soccer Coach
Ethan = Owner of a tech company called Orange which is basically a reference to Apple
Kira = Famous singer, signed to World Music company, a reference to WB
Trent = Art Teacher for the B.R School, a reference to Bob Ross
Here's some more

Tanya = Singer or DJ
Andros = Space explorer
Ashley = Fashion designer
TJ = Baseball player

Damon = Mechanic on Mirinoi
Kendrix = Science Researcher on Mirinoi

Xander = Rockporium Owner
Vida = DJ
Maddie = Photographer and Director
Chip = Knight Instructor
Nick = Rockporium Manager

Rose = Science/History Teacher
Dax = Actor
Ronny = Racecar driver
Mack = Explorer
Tyzonn = Space Explorer

RJ = Jungle Karma Pizza Owner but retired from the active duty of keeping an eye on the shop

Lily = Manager

Scott becoming Assistant Colonel. Summer being the head field commander. Gem/Gemma being the Explosives Experts

Mia = Chef
Kevin = Swimmer
Antonio = Fish Shop Owner and seafood seller

Shelby = Dino Teacher

Levi = went back to singing
Sarah = Inventor
Calvin = Mechanic

Nate = Inventor
Ravi = Artist
Devon = Gamer and Commander
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