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Default Re: Great Dinosaur War?

Originally Posted by Zabitan View Post
I'm just surprised to see they actually brought back the Putties for this makes want to see the Tyrannodrones.
Originally Posted by MattEmily View Post
well it makes sense since the Putties were in the source footage. Tyrannodrones were original creations so that would be unlikely
Originally Posted by Zabitan View Post
I see plus it took me a while to see they also had Barmia Soldiers
Saban Entertainment and MMPR Productions had made their own Putty suits anyway but I doubt those suits or the Tyrannodrones suits are in good condition. Last time we saw the Tyrannodrones was during S.P.D.

Disney aired it on ABC Family and Toon Disney February 5th, 2005 until November 14th, 2005 so they would've started filming in the Fall of 2004 and ended in like April or May of 2005 so I believe the teamup that had the Tyrannodrones in them would've been shot in 2005 so the odds of those suits being in good condition are extremely slim since it's been over 10 years since we last saw them. Of course that's not to say Hasbro couldn't re-create them I mean if they wanted all foot soldiers there then for all we know they likely will do that since we do know they have no issues with re-creating the suits since they had to do that for all Go-busters stuff and they probably had to do that for all foot soldiers here as well that we're gonna be seeing in the footage.
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