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Default Re: Forming a new Hulu

Originally Posted by PRangerX View Post
Yup, it was all about Disney acquiring the content and ip to launch Disney Plus. Fox wanted to become leaner and sold their studio at a premium cost. Fox wanted to hang onto their news channel and Disney never would have been allowed to buy Fox and Fox Sports.

Disney would have got the RSNs but the regulators asked them to sell them to a third party. Who ended up being Sinclair Broadcasting ( they are now called Bally Sports due to a sponsorship deal) . To make things easier Disney dropped Fox from 20th Century Fox and its just called 20th Century Studios.

On a side note Disney also got FX in the deal.
to be truthful we all truly know that they mostly just wanted Century because of the rights they had with certain Marvel and Lucasfilms properties, anything else was just gravy but they wouldn't have been allowed to have the news or sports stuff anyway since just like the regulators had issues with them having those RSNs because of them owning ESPN, they actually would've had the same issues with the news stuff.
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