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Default Re: Power Rangers Realm

As of now, I'm almost done with the following:
  • forum layout (categories & forums & sub-forums)
  • Board Wrappers (codes)

This is the list of the things which still need to be done:
  • Forum Seassonial Skins (1 skin for the representation of every season)
  • Forever Ranger Skins (based on the MMPR suits color scheme - Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Red)
  • 6th Ranger Skins (Green, Silver, Black, White, Combo Rangers, color variations included)
  • Creating a test board for some code & skin testing.
  • Going trough the Admin CP's every setting and to put the best system & board settings in place.
  • Member Groups Re-Structure (new staff concept & system)

A lot of work remains to be done and October's already started.

I'll post when I'm done with setting the forum layout and the board wrappers. Which should be sometime around next weekend (GMT+1 Time Zone).

Unofficially - I'm also thinking of doing a beta testing for Power Rangers Realm.
I'm still looking for 2 Administrators and 2 Moderators - all of who, besides getting to be involved in the building of the board - will get to see its development in progress.
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