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Default Re: Ancient History Episode Discussion

Originally Posted by Zabitan View Post
I heard about that.

I've got a theory of my own that because in Ryusoulger Nada turned good, and gave his powers to Koh before he died, and I expect Dino Fury to adapt Eras at some point.

My theory is that Void Knight succeeds in reviving Santaura but because he used Sporix energy to do it she gets infected with Sporix dna which mutates her into some super Sporix monsters that's the Dino Fury version of Eras which makes Void Knight see the error of his ways, and help the Rangers at the cost of his own life or at least his powers but is able to give his powers to Zayto which gives him Super Mega Dino mode (I'm sure Hasbro will have a better name than mine).
Interesting theory but I don't know if it'll be Eras since that seems to be too big of a baddie in Ryusoulger to not be like an overall ruler

Originally Posted by mbozzo View Post
I've seen that episode. It's funny that something that were created to help the good guys ended up turning against them. How many other things that were created to help the good guys ended up harming them?
Originally Posted by Zabitan View Post
Good question I'm sure we'll find out other things were.
Well it happens more than we'd like to admit in the franchise as a whole.
Rita as we know had the Green Power Coin. I don't believe the Dragonzord was entirely hers but just used magic to control it until she gave the Dragon Dagger to Tommy

Let's not forget Tommy and Anton Mercer created Tyrannodrones and Fossilador for good intentions but Mesogog took control of them.

Let's not forget about A-Squad either.
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