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Default Re: Great Dinosaur War?

Here is what we currently know.

Power Rangers Actors who are or aren't coming back for the Dino Teamup


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Walter Jones or Johnny Yong Bosch = Walter won't come back due to union issues.
Amy Jo Johnson or Catherine Sutherland = Amy Jo won't return due to union.
David Yost =
Karan Ashley = Hasbro probably sees her in a negative light so she won't be back.
Austin St. John = Reportedly he's coming back.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

James Napier = Has no interest in acting so he likely won't be back
Emma Lahana = Busy with Marvel so I doubt she has the time
Kevin Duhaney =
Jeffrey Parazzo =

Power Rangers Dino Charge

Michael Taber = had a lot of negative stuff on Twitter so Hasbro likely wants nothing to do with him
James Davies = lives in New Zealand so he could be back
Camille Hyde = Highly unlikely she's back due to her contract with Katy Keene since The CW does not produce non-union shows
Yoshi Sudarso = reportedly he's back
Brennan Mejia = reportedly he's back
Claire Blackwelder = went quiet on Instagram for a bit so it's possible she went back to film some scenes but doubtful she went back to be a Ranger
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