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*cut to*

EXT: Ziktor industries

*inside Karl Ziktor is petting his iguana Julia*

Ziktor: “Ah Julia it seems our little journalist is paying a visit to Crossworld Elementary. Well do I have a lesson for her, and the rest of the VR Troopers”

*ZIktor puts down Julia, and puts his hand on the energy prism as the blinds behind him close*

Ziktor: “Forces of Darkness empower me, Take me back to my Virtual Reality”

*Ziktor transforms into Grimlord, and appears in his Virtual Dark Fortress*

*Grimlord’s minions then praise him*

Grimlord’s minions: “Hail Grimlord master of all reality, Hail Grimlord master of all reality”

*Grimlord: I have a plan to take over Crossworld City once, and for all I shall send a mutant to steal the intelligence from all of Crossworld City’s children, and not even the VR Troopers can stop me*

Oraclon: “I know just the mutant for the task master”

*Oraclon then creates a white, and red mutant dressed like college professor”

Mutant: “Schoolbot here, and class in session, When I’m done the VR Troopers will be in detention permanently”

Grimlord: “See to it that you do because the last thing you’ll want from me is a failing grade now go”

Schoolbot: “Yes sir”

*Schoolbot then teleports out of the Dark Fortress*

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