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*Fade to*

INT: Crossworld Elementary

*Kaitlin is walking down the hall as she come up to the middle aged male principal*

Kaitlin: “Hi Mr. McCallahan it’s me Kaitlin Star from the Underground Voice Daily”

Mr McCallahan: “Ah Ms. Star you’re right on time come with me the Auditorium is this way the students, and their parents will be there at around 3:00 so that should give you plenty of time to get ready”

Katilin: “All right let’s get started”

*Kaitlin, and Mr. McCallahan walk by a class room*

*Inside a teacher is giving a lecture on division while the students are reading textbooks except for a young boy who is drawing pictures of giant monsters*

Boy: (monster noises) “I’m gonna get you this time Jarakzllor. Not today Scythorm”

Teacher: “Jimmy Harrison are you hearing a word I’m saying”

Jimmy: (nervously) “Uh yes sir”

Teacher: “Well you’d better Mr. Harrison because we have a math test next week, and if you don’t do well I’m going to have to call your parents.”

*just then the class bell rings*

Teacher: “All right class books down time for recess”

*the students then get up, and leave*

Teacher: “Except for you Mr. Harrison I want you to stay inside, and work on today’s math problems”

Jimmy: “Yes Mr. Billingsley”

*Jimmy then gets back down, and starts working on his schoolwork*

* Mr. Billingsley then walks out but is captured by skugs*

*Schoolbot then takes on Mr. Billingsley’s appearance*

*Cut to*

INT Dark Fortress

Grimlord: “Everything is going according to plan Schoolbot has already infiltrated the school, and soon every child in Crossworld City will be brain drained. Col Icebot report”

*Grimlord then shoots a beam of energy from his hand that becomes a screen on the wall on it is Col Icebot*

Col Icebot: “Master I am just about ready to start the brain draining process”

Doom Master: “I shall send a skug platoon to make sure the troopers don’t find out about our plans”

Grimlord: “Good I don’t want any meddlesome troopers getting in the way of my plans”

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