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*Jimmy nods, and runs off. Kaitlin then runs the other way, and sees some janitors*

Kaitlin: Oh excuse me can you help there’s something going on with the teacher in the classroom back there.

Janitor #1 “Oh sure well help”

*The Janitors then turn into skugs*

Kaitlin: "Oh no skugs"

*a fight breaks out between Kaitlin, and the skugs. The skugs come at her with mops but Kaitlin kicks them away. Kaitlin then backflips out of the way*

Kaitlin: “Come, and get me guys”

*The skugs come after Kaitlin but slip on the floor, and fall. They then get back up, Kaitlin looks at the floor, and gets an idea she fights her way past the skugs to the mop bucket, and dumps it on the ground causing some of the skugs to trip, and fall into each other making them disintegrate. Some other skugs try to leap after her but she runs out of the way causing them to miss, and pile onto each other making them disintegrate*

*cut to*

INT: Dark Fortress

*Grimlord is watching Kaitlin on the monitor*

Grimlord: “She fights well in her reality but let’s see how she does in the Battle Grid”

*Cut to*

INT: The Lab.

*The reality break alarm goes off*

Professor Hart: “Kaitlin Battle Grid alert. Prepare for Battle Grid mode”

*Kaitlin transforms into Battle Grid mode. She then flies through a virtual portal, and lands in the Battle Grid*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “Man these guys don’t quit I know your around here somewhere come on I haven’t got all day”

*The skugs then appear in the Battle Grid*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “All right let’s do this”

*Kaitlin leaps in the air, and when she lands she fights the skugs by kicking them. The skugs then circle Kaitlin*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “All right who wants some?”

*The skugs make hatchets appear in their hands, and come after Kaitlin who just punches them, and sends them into each other causing them to disintegrate. Kaitlin then backflips through the Battle Grid*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “Had enough?”

*Kaitlin punches, and kicks away some more skugs. The skugs then swarm around her*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “Time to finish this up”

*Kaitlin leaps into the air, and kicks some more skugs causing them to knock into each other, and disintegrate. Kaitlin then punches, and kicks the last of the skugs, and knocks them into each other to make them disintegrate*

*Kaitlin then looks around the Battle Grid to make sure there is no more skugs*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “All right that took care of them now I can get out of here. Grimlord’s definitely up to something. VR Troopers”

*Kaitlin jumps into a white light, transforms back out of Battle Grid mode, and reappears in the school. She then grabs her VT, and tries to contact the other Troopers.

*Cut to*

EXT: Tao’s Dojo

*Inside Ryan, and JB are practicing martial arts when they hear Ryan’s VT go off. They stop practicing, and go to their back packs. Ryan then picks up his VT*

Ryan: “What is it Kaitlin?”

Kaitlin: “You guys something fishy is going on here I was just ambushed by skugs, and I think one of the teachers here is one of Grimlord’s mutants I’ll explain it all at the lab”

*Ryan, and J.B. nod their heads*

Ryan: “We’re on our way”

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