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*fade to*

EXT: The lab

*inside the troopers are all grouped together as Kaitlin explains what happened*

Kaitlin: “and that’s when I called you guys”

Ryan: “Professor what’s going on?”

Professor Hart: “It seems Grimlord has sent an intelligence draining mutant on the children of Crossworld Elementary”

J.B.: “Can we stop it?”

Professor Hart: “For now yes but if we don’t stop it in time it could be too late”

*Just then another reality break alarm occurs*

Professor Hart: “Grimlord has just sent several squadrons of Quantum Cruisers, and Grimstars through the reality barrier”

J.B.: “Me and Kaitlin will handle them you get to the school, and find out what’s going on”

Ryan: “All right”

*Ryan runs out of the lab*

J.B.: “Trooper Transform”

J.B., and Kaitlin: “We Are VR”

*J.B., and Kaitlin transform into VR Troopers. They then jump into the Skybase*

*cut to*

INT: Crossworld City Elementary

*Ryan is running down the hallway, he then come across a janitorial closet. He looks inside, and finds the real teacher bound, and gagged, and sets him free*

Mr. Billingsley: “Oh thank you some monster kidnapped me, and took my place”

Ryan; “No Problem just go”

*Just then Schoolbot walks up to Ryan with some skug janitors*

Schoolbot: “Tsk Tsk Mr. Steele I’m afraid I’m gonna have take a grade off for that”

*Schoolbot, and the skugs transform into their true forms, and the skugs then transform into ultra skugs*

Ryan: “Trooper Transform. We are VR”

*Ryan transforms into a VR Trooper. He then leaps into the air but is tied by whips carried by the Vixens. Ryan is able to free himself, and fights off the Vixens. Doom Master then shows up to fight Ryan, and knocks him into Schoolbot. Ryan, and Schoolbot then fight each other*

*Meanwhile J.B., and Kaitlin are in the Skybase fighting Quantum Cruisers. The Quantum Cruisers fire lasers at the Skybase*

VR J.B.: “This outta discourage them”

*J.B. then pushes a button, and fires a missile at the Quantum Cruisers destroying them. They then get a message from Ryan*

VR Ryan: “Hey I could use some help down here what do you say?”

VR Kaitlin: “You got it”

*Kaitlin pushes a button, and fires lasers down on the ground near Doom Master, and the Vixens*

*Ryan then leaps into the air, and fires his laser ray at the ultra skugs, and Schoolbot*

Schoolbot: “All right Trooper enough studying now for a pop quiz in pain”

VR Ryan: “Sorry I’ll have to make it up after class”

*Ryan then leaps after Schoolbot, and the ultra skugs*

Schoolbot: “Get him”

*Ryan fights off the Ultra Skugs, and then fights Schoolbot. Meanwhile grimstars fire on the skybase*

VR Kaitlin: “Oh yeah”

*Kaitlin fires a button, and shoots lasers at the grimstars destroying them. Meanwhile Ryan continues to fight Schoolbot, and then fires lasers at the ultra skugs, vixens, and Doom Master*

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