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*cut to*

INT: Dark Fortress

Oraclon: “Schoolbot is in trouble”

Despera: “Escalate to Indigo Sector”

*Schoolbot then leaps into the Indigo Sector*

VR Ryan: “Oh no you don’t V.R. Nitro Cycle”

*The VR Nitro Cycle appears, and Ryan gets on it, and chases Schoolbot into the Indigo Sector. Gargantus then fires upon Ryan*

VR Ryan: VR Shoulder Cannon

*Ryan then blasts Gargantus. Schoolbot then appears*

Schoolbot: “All right trooper time for the final exam”

*Schoolbot then swipes at Ryan then shrinks down, and fights Ryan some more before running off, and leading Ryan down a hall*

VR Ryan: “This exam’s over VR Laser Saber Command”

*Ryan pulls out his Laser Saber. Schoolbot tries to fight him but Ryan destroys his Quill sword, and then finishes Schoolbot off*

VR Ryan: “Class Dismissed”

*Cut to*

INT: Dark Fortress

Grimlord: “The Troopers may have destroyed Schoolbot but I’ll make sure that if there’s one lesson they’ll learn it's that I’ll win in the end to this I swear”

*Grimlord’s hand radiates with red energy*

*Fade to*

INT: Underground Voice Daily

*The Troopers are hanging around Kaitlin’s desk*

Kaitlin: “I just got a call from Mr, McCallahan it seems that Jimmy is starting to improve at his studies, and that he even passed his math exam”

Ryan: “That’s great”

*Just then Percy comes in being chased numerous screaming little girls*

Percy: “For the love of all that is descent will you please be quiet it’s not my fault Suzie won okay”

*Percy breaks down crying while the little girls continue to scream. The troopers find this funny*

*Fade to*

EXT: Temple in Crossworld Park

Ryan (narrating): “The greatest teacher I ever had was you dad, and I hope someday we’ll be together for good”


Well let me know what you think.

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