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Default Power Rangers Legendary Knights

An RP/Round Robin type story.

A thousand years ago, Morgana Le Fay and her knightmares caused the fall of Camelot. But Merlin, last of the Old Wizards, sealed her away until he could find the Heroes destined to defeat her once and for all.

Now, The seven blades sing for the chosen ones to arrive, the last blood descendants of seven heroes. Can they summon the power of their ancestors and defeat Destiny? Can they Break The Fate?

Morphers: Manacles on each arm

Morph Call: Break The Fate

Morph Sequence: Ranger crosses their arms. A chain of energy in their color appears on the manacles. They yell the morph call and uncross their arms, breaking the chains. They create the Rangers uniform on the body, patterned after the chainmail of knights.

Standard weapons: Knight Blades, a sword/blaster combo weapon

Transport: Knight Steeds. A mechanical horse in the ranger's color that can transform into a motorcycle. They are completely sentient and rangers can name them

Red Ranger: Alec Pendragon, last blood descendant of King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. Alec is a kind, caring boy with a heart of gold but a temper of fire. His eyes turn from grey to golden Dragon eyes in a rage. He wields the sword Caliburn and commands the Red Drake Zord, a mighty dragon
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