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Pink DinoCharge Ranger
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Default Chloe Martin: Life As A Teenage Witch

Malibu, CA

15 year old Chloe Martin is a freshmen in high school who learns her life was not as ordinary as she had hoped for when she discovers magical powers and has to hide it from the world much as she can or risk her life being in danger by hunters and other sort of bad people who would love to get their hands on her. However not all her challenges in life will be her magical life, some challenges she will learn will happen in her normal high school life as her biggest challenge will be love.

Main Characters:
Chloe Martin
Andrew Brantley
Sarah Johnson
Matthew Cobin (Book 1-2)
Roxanne Martin
Max Griffens

Richard Martin *Chloe & Roxanne's Father*

Book 1 - Family Secrets
(10 Chapters)

1. Huge Discovery
2. Bake Sale
3. Nightmares
4. Friend In Need
5. The Curse
6. True Love
7. Sibling Jealousy
8. Beach Party
9. Treasure Hunt
10. Darkest Night

Book 2 - The Return
(15 Chapters)

11. Chloe's Back
12. Dark Secret Revealed
13. New Friends
14. Enter The Sorcerer
15. Love Hurts
16. Power Outage
17. Missing Sister
18. Life Unsure
19. Friend Or Foe
20. The Dream
21. Black Cat
22. Future Unknown
23. Making A Band
24. Rumors
25. Saying Goodbye

Book 3 will be added soon

Chapter 1 coming soon
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Default Re: Chloe Martin: Life As A Teenage Witch

Sounds cool.
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