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Default Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce Chapter 1

Malkor: Vrak what are your plans for the rangers?

Vrak: I have a plan to turn the rangers against each other.

Malkor: How are you going to do that?

Vrak: By capturing one of them and brainwashing em...soon the insect race will take over this planet making humans extinct

*Evil laugh*

Malkor: Your plan better work.


Vrak: Don't worry my admiral it will....

*Goes home to try to catch up on some experiments*

*Emma was riding her bike through the forest with her camera she was going to take pictures of the flowers and a new rare flower*

~Troy goes for a jog in a different section of the forest then Emma~

*Emma reaches the forest where the flowers and butterflies is and looks for the rare flower as she sings and snaps pictures*

Goes for a nice long quiet walk to clear my head and enjoy some fresh air then going to Ernie's to get a smoothie and meet Noah.

*At Ernie's drinking a smoothie and doing some home work*

*Emma takes more pictures and than gets a picture of something strange and calls Troy*

Troy where are you.

~Troys answers~

Not far from where you are Emma.

Alright I took a picture of something and I don't know what it is meet me by the tree.

Keeps walking and looks around This is really weird something doesn't feel right.

You got it.


*I get to the tree and wait*

~Finally arrives~

*Emma sees Troy and shows him a picture*

Can you tell what it is.


What is it.

A pic.

Yeah but I've never seen this kind of insect maybe Noah knows.

You should ask him.

I will when I can find him.

He's at Ernie's doing homework.

Alright Troy want to come with me.

*Playing soccer*

Goes to the soccerfield with his smoothie and watches him.

*Juggles the soccer ball*

I have never been in this part of the city before something still doesn't feel right.

*Appears in front of Gia*

Hello yellow ranger....remember me.

Yes I remember you why are you here anyway.

Why yellow ranger I'm here....for you.


Yeah right i'm not going anywhere with you so forget it.

Your talking like you have a choice.

*Shoots out a beam trapping you in another dimension*

Looks around I have to find a way out of here before something bad happens to me.

*Appears in front of you*

Thanks to Vrak....your all mine.

Yeah right whatever it is i'm not doing it.

You don't even know what we propose...


Then tell me what you have planned.

We're going to destroy all the rangers....and your going to help.

I would never help you destroy them.

Your talking like you have a choice....

*Loogies appears*

Loogies attack the yellow ranger.

Starts fighting Loogies destroying them.

*Shoots out a beam at the yellow ranger trapping you in a force field*

Let me out of this thing now.

Don't fret yellow ranger....soon you will be mine.

No i won't Just sits there.

You will have no choice yellow ranger....the force field your in is warping your mind and soon you will be mine.


Yeah we shall see about that.

Yes we will.

I know they won't be happy when they see me.

Back on the warstar: Malkor we did it....we capture the yellow ranger and soon she will be one of us.

Malkor: *Laughs*

Yes soon she will help lead our insect race to victory...

Still sitting in the forcefield thinking to myself I can't destroy them especially Noah I would never hurt him.

*Working on my science project after school*

*Appears in front of Gia*

Yellow ranger....soon you will be one of us....so just give in to the power.

I will never give in. The forcefield i am in is changing me and warping my mind i started feeling strange.

Yes....yes yellow ranger....give in to the power.


Stands up tries fighting it but can't my head was dizzy and my eyes glowing blue finally, my mind became blank.

Vrak the force field work....her mind belongs to you.

No blue fur she belongs to Malkor....the Admiral of all insects is in charge of the yellow ranger.

*Appears in front of Gia*

Vrak is the job done to the yellow ranger?

*Emma was in the forest taking pictures when she called Troy and Noah*

Troy, Noah have you guys heard from Gia.

Vrak: She's just about ready....soon she will be totally under your control.

*Stops working on my project to answer the call*

Emma what was that?

Noah have you or Troy heard or seen Gia.

No I thought she was with you.

*Troy finally answers*

What's going on?

Troy have you seen or heard from Gia, she was supposed to meet Noah at Ernie's.

Not since this morning.

Hmm I wonder if I should call her.

Lets hope so Vrak....


Soon those medallion rangers will be destroy by there own kind.

*Leaves the school to look for Gia at Ernie's*

*Calls Gia's morpher*

Gia it's Emma where are you.

*Shows up at Ernie's looking for Gia*

Still standing there waiting.

*Tries again*

Gia answer me where are you.

Vrak: Malkor it is done... she is totally under your control.

*Calls Noah*

Noah any luck finding Gia.


Yes finally the rangers won't know what hit them...isn't that right my yellow ranger?

No Emma....she's not here.

*Runs outside still looking for Gia*

Troy I tried calling her and no answer I'm getting worried.

This isn't like her....where can she be?

Yes my lord i live only to serve you i said with a monotone voice and a submissive attitude.

I don't know I'm gonna keep looking,

*Calls Gia again*

Gia answer.

*Stops looking*

Wait a minute....Gosei...he can help find her.

*Calls Emma and Troy*

Hey guys I'm going to the command center to see if Gosei can help.

Alright I'll keep looking around the forest, Troy can you check the park.

I'm heading there now.

*Shuts the force field down*

Now yellow ranger...go to earth and interact with the other rangers as if there is nothing wrong.

Alright call me if you see her,

*Keeps looking as I keep calling*

Gia answer me meet me at the edge of the forest.

Yes my lord. I hear and obey I just hope they don't figure it out.

*He arrives at the park and see's it's dead empty*


Hmm this isn't like her I told her to meet me at the edge of the forest.

Now yellow ranger go now....

*Sends Gia back to the woods*

Walks out of the woods and to the edge of the forest.

*Emma stands near the edge about to call Troy and Noah*

Did you miss me.

*Watches from the Warstar*


Don't do that, where have you been we've been going crazy.

*Calls Noah and Troy,*

Guys I found Gia.

I went for a walk and ended up in a part of the city that wasn't familiar.

But your never gone this long, your supposed to call me I tried calling you if you do that agian I'm kicking your butt.

Ok Emma i'll be right there...

*Teleports back to the woods*

I didn't hear it even if it is in my backpack.

Gia it's loud enough to hear and it always worked no matter where you are in the city, are you sure your ok.

Yes i'm fine why wouldn't I be just not so loud.

Well your my best friend and teammate you need to check in when we can't find you how bout you and Noah go get a smoothie I'll stay here and wait for Troy.

I'm here.

*Comes running to the edge of the forest*

We been looking all over for you.

I went for a walk and ended up in another part of the city I didn't mean to worry you.

*I whisper to Noah*

Noah something seems odd with her, her morpher is loud enough to hear she might have been eating some strange food.

Guys please not so loud.

See what I mean she's acting strange,

*Pulls out some pills*

Here take these.

Whispers back: Yeah you might be right but I don't care...my love is back and thats what count.

Whatever go get her a smoothie to wash the pills down.

Emma relax where is Troy.

Come on Gia lets go get a smoothie or something.

I'm not gonna relax, if you are acting strange I'm gonna find out, he was in the park the last time I saw him.

I was supposed to go there.

Vrak: Malkor the rangers might be on to you.

*I sit down under the tree at the edge of the forest, if you see Troy have him meet me at the edge of the forest.

Vrak go to earth and take some Loogies and attack the rangers so they can get off our trail.

Ok Malkor

*Goes down to earth*

*Sees Loogies*

Great just what we need, Troy, Emma here we need help Loogies.

I think we need to help there are a lot of Loogies and Vrak is there too would you mind if i set this out i'm a little dizzy Calls Jake We need you here too Vrak and Loogies are here we already called Troy.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce Chapter 2

Loogies....attack the rangers!!!

Sits on a bench watching holding my head.

*Emma starts fighting them*

What took you so long.


*Calls Troy*

Troy we need help.

It's ok where were you.

Still sitting there watching them fight trying to figure out what is wrong but my mind feels empty.

*Jumps in*

Not on my watch.

*Starts fighting*

Gets off the bench heads to the park looking for Troy hoping he is still there Troy are you still here.

*Emma fights them off flipping and back flipping*

Aren't we missing 2 others.

Yeah Robo.

*He fights*

We are also missing Troy Gia went to look for him.

*Emma finishes off the Loogies*

Anyone need help.

*Sees the others fighting and just stands there*

Guess not.

*Still waiting at the park cause my morpher never went off*

Keeps looking for him Troy where are you.

*Doesn't answer back*

*Grabs her morpher*

Troy where are you in case you haven't heard were fighting Loogies.

Troy please answer me where are you.

I'm right here Gia.

How come you didn't hear your morpher we are fighting Loogies and Vrak.

*Shows you my busted morpher*

How did that happen.

*After the Loogies were defeated Emma went to find Troy and found him with Gia as she stayed hidden and listened*

I was knocked down and i lost it.

Maybe Noah can fix it.

Maybe, can you see please.

*Emma thinking to herself in her head, who would knock you down and it might have fallen when you got knocked down and broke or someone stepped on it*


Sure I can Looks at it That is bad let's go find Noah and let him fix it.

*Emma continues to listen*

You go, i'm gonna hang out here.

Ok do you want me to come back here after it's fixed.

Yes please.

*Leaves the school to join the others but gets stopped by Loogies*

Oh no...not you guys...where are the others when I need them.

Ok I will be right back i'm just glad your ok how are you gonna help fight Loogies without your morpher.

*Sits back on the bench*

*Emma sees Gia and hides and closes her eyes knowing now why Troy couldn't repsond and sighs with relief*

*Tries to fight the Loogies by myself*

Leaves with the morpher in my hand and goes to find Noah.

I feel so useless now.

*Gets thrown*


*Contacts the others*

Hey guys I can use some help outside the school.

*Emma looks down and quietly walks towards Troy and massages his shoulders*

I'm on my way Heads to the school sees Noah and Loogies.

*He looks up and see's her*

Noah we have a problem.


*Gets knocked down again*

Helps you up I can handle them can you fix Troy's morpher Hands you his morpher.

*Breathing heavy I take out my morpher but it gets shot out of my hands*

Sees your morpher on the ground picks it up hands it to you walks over to them and starts fighting them all.

*Looks at my and Troy's morpher*

Wow 2 badly damaged morphers...I have to get out of here to fix them...but I can't leave Gia

*Puts the morphers in my pocket and starts helping Gia*

Let's get rid of them then fix his morpher and yours too.


*Keeps fighting*

There are a lot of them this time.

Hi sorry just needed to know why you couldn't answer I overheard you and Gia.


No it's fine why didn't you find me and tell me about what happend.

I didn't know where you were.

If there's one thing you taught me it was to keep quiet and stay hidden.


So shall we go help Noah and Gia.

We better go.


*We get up and go to help Noah and Gia.

Let's finish this and get the morphers fixed.

Hey guys sorry need any help.

Yes we need to finish this so Noah can fix the morphers not again Puts my hands on my head hoping it stops.

Troy help Noah I'll help Gia.

*Helps Noah*

Sorry we should help them Noah's is damaged too but not as bad as Troy's.

*Helps Gia to the bench to sit down*

Rest Gia are you alright.

Yes i'm fine just tired they both need to get their morphers fixed before something bad happens.

Yeah alright you should head home and rest.

I can't i have to help him fix the morphers so they have them.

Thanks Troy.

*Stands up and fights along with Troy*

He can fix them by himself I have to help them just rest with your eyes closed.

*Hands you a cool rag*

Here use this on your head.

Go help them so he can get them fixed To myself They don't know what is coming they better be ready.

Alright just rest.

*Helps the guys fight*

Well here is my chance to get to the command center to fix my and Tory's morphers....I will catch up with you guys later.

*Contacts Gosei so I can teleport to the command center*

Alright Noah,

*Troy and I continue to fight*

Troy have they gotten stronger than the last time.

Feels like it.


*Keeps fighting them*

Something is seriously wrong with Gia, i'm almost positive that Vrak is behind it.

You think so.

Yeah I do remember when we were fighting and we got headaches from Dizchord since we were close well she has a headache and is acting strange.

*Teleports Gia back to me*

*Finishes off the Loogies and looks back at Gia*

Umm Troy have you seen Gia I left her on the bench.

She was there a few minutes ago.

Yeah she was I'll call Noah, Noah it's Emma do you know where Gia is.

They have no idea what is coming or going on all they know is the Loogies are stronger than last time.

Yellow ranger....the time is right for to finish the rangers...with the red and blue out the way the pink and black is right for the pickings.

Troy we should meet up with Noah and Gosei.

Until they get their morphers fixed.

Make sure that they don't.

Black isn't around but pink and red are even if he can't morph.

No Emma I left Gia with you guys let me see if I can track her down using the computer....Hey guys whereever Gia is the computer can't track her down.

Dang we need to find her, how are the morphers coming along.

We need to find her.

I know but where to look.

You don't think the Loogies ran off with her.

I hope not but it could be possible.

Noah won't be happy.

No he won't I wonder how it's going on your morpher,

*Sits down*

What happens if they did and they turn her against us.

*Still searching the area for Gia using the computer*

We'll have to fight her.

Yeah but you and Noah can't morph, but only I can but I don't want to fight her and have her hurt me I'm gonna hurt whoever's responisble.

If you can't knock her straight then i have to.

Yeah but how with out your morpher.

I'll use your's.

You can use mine to morph cool.

We all can just use my morph card.

Oh sweet

*Lays head on your shoulder*

*Smiles at her*

*Smiles back*

So I guess we have to and Noah doesn't want to fight her.

We have to if she is turned evil.

I know at least we only have to worry bout her and not Vrak.


Yeah and if we fight her we'd have to find a way to save her, but Noah's the only one who can since he's smart.


We have to think of where she'll show up.

Who knows.

Yeah but we can find out if we listen and wait.


Should I call her or just wait.


*Pulls out my morpher*

Gia, it's Emma where are you please talk to me.


The only ones there are red pink and blue black isn't around.

I'm not getting an answer.


Yeah I'll keep trying, Gia do you read.

*I take out my cell phone and calls Noah*

How are the morphers coming?

Sorry Troy...I'm not really focused...I'm trying to locate Gia and get the morphers back online....but they are to badly damage.

Troy ask Noah if they can't get fixed use mine.

Well then yellow ranger I guess this will be easier then I thought....now go and I will send down an army of Loogies to keep the rangers guessing...while the rangers fight the Loogies I want you to bring me the red ranger...*Hands you a device* Here take this...its a transporter...when the moment is right shoot this at the red ranger but don't blow your cover.

We'll loook for Gia, You focus on the morphers.

Still not answering.

Ok Troy I try to focus...

*Keeps working on the morphers*

Gia where are you I'm gonna hurt you if you don't show up.

Even if he doesn't want to what are you going to do cause he will fight you i will try not to blow my cover.

Don't worry about me....that device will bring him straight to my dungeon.

Then what about pink and blue.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce Chapter 3

*Sends Gia back with the rangers still not knowing the truth and with an army of Loogies right behind her*

*Looks and taps Troy*

Troy umm we have company.

*Looks at Emma then hangs up*

Oh great.

But look who's with them.


I knew something was odd with her, Gia I've been trying to call you.

What is wrong with her eyes.

I don't know wait she had the headache when I had her sit down I think Vrak hypnotized her and I think I have to fight her and you take care of the Loogies.

Do what you have to.

*Runs toward the Loogies*

*Fights the Loogies that have Gia*

Gia run I'll hold them off.

Runs hides and waits.

*Kicks them and hits them*

How's it going Troy.

To myself I don't want to do this but I have to don't want to be destroyed i just hope Troy can get out before something happens to him Watches and gets ready.

*Still working on the morphers*

*Calls Noah*

Noah how's it going.

Almost done....just need to link the morphers to the morphing grid.

Good we found Gia but she's not herself it's like she's staring in space and her eyes are blue, Troy and I are fighting the Loogies.

Kicks them.

Has the device pushes a button and Troy disappears.

No Troy come back.

*Goes to my knees and calls Noah*

Noah we have a problem.

We're am I.

*Appears in the dungeon with you*

Ha ha ha...red ranger....we finally meet.

Wow your ugly what do you want with me.

Big talk for someone who doesn't have his powers.


Soon your friends will be destroy and then you will be next..

*Teleports out the dungeon*

*Answers back*

Emma whats wrong.

No no nooooo.

Troy's gone and so is Gia.

What? you think the Loogies took them?

I gotta find a way out.

I'm not sure we were fighting the Loogies I told Gia to run and somehow I look back and Troy is gone.

What? What about Gia?

Yes and umm I think she left with them voluntarily.

Well I don't think it was voluntarily but you come back to the command center before something happens to you...we need to find them.

I'm staying here what if he finds a way back and I'm not here.

Thinks theres gotta be a way.

Don't worry if he gets out we would know...but its not safe out there alone.

Come back to the command center.

Walks closer with the device and you see it.

I'm fine I think something is wrong with Gia she's been very secretive and all.

I'll be right there....I think I might have something to help with the search for Troy and Gia.

Really alright you can use my morpher if need to.

Gia give it to me.

Opens my hand so you can take it.

*Appears in the dungeon*

Yellow ranger....what are you doing?

Noah I'm getting worried for both of them.

Yeah me to...

*Teleports to you*

*Sees you and hugs you*

This is just weird.

Yeah I got the device that can help us find them....and on a even better note I'm finish with the morphers.

Now we just need Troy.

That's good let's hope we can find them before something happens.

*Sends in the Loogies to get the device from Gia and Troy*

Yeah exactly I know what you mean.

*Shows you the device*

Wow when did you work on that.

I always had it...remember that science project I'm always working on.

Yeah that's the project you've been working on.

Yeah I thought it would of come in handy in the future...I begin working on it after the first time when Jake was taken.

Yeah let's see if it works.


*Turns on the scanner*

According to the scanner...it says Troy and Gia are together...but I bet your not expecting this...guess where at?

Please tell me there not with Vrak.

No they are definitely not with Vrak or on the Warstar.

Where are they.


What's wrong.

*Comes in from out of nowhere*

I know where they are.

*Sees Robo Knight*

How did you get here so fast.

I always been here and I know where your friends are at.

Really? where?

Here just take it but don't tell them fight the Loogies first starts fighting them too keeps fighting them destroying them.

Noah can we find out where they are.

Keeps fighting them they kick the device out of my hand goes into the sky.

Noah can you find out how long they've been gone.

No I can't tell how long they been there but I do know this they are not on the Warstar...they been here the whole time...Malkor's dungeon well his new one is underground.

Wait so they've been here the whole time.

Yes...I can't believe it either.

Don't let them escape....Vrak!!!

*Appears in front of them*

Vrak get rid of them both.


I need to sit down.

*Goes to sit down*

Why did they want Troy.

Well well well looks like I was giving the opportunity to finish off the yellow and red ranger.

Noah is there a way to find them and help them.

Yeah but unfortunately it may be a trap...but we have no choice...we have to go underground while still using my scanner.

No red ranger...you will fail...your nothing without your powers.

*Shoots the transporter out your hand*

Now to get it back you have to go through me.


Alright we have our morphers would they work.

Yeah they are back on line but we going to have to use Jake's zord in order to go underground or Gia's.

*Steps back*

Was that suppose to hurt...

*Swats Troy away*

I'm going to have fun with you before I put you away.

Alright let's call her zord and than we can morph first.

Yeah lets do it..

Alright let's.

Puts my hand on my head with my eyes closed.


Is that all you got red ranger...muh ha ha.

*stumbles back*

Oh no you don't.

*Shoots the ground before you can pick up the transporter*

You have to be better then that to beat me.

Noah do we have a card of Gia's zord.

You won't have a choice red ranger....enough talk now your finished.

*Swats off the kick and swings my sword at you*.

Yeah Gosei gave me it for emergency....

Great shall we morph first than call her zord.

*Falls on the ground*

Ahhh....red ranger you won't get out of here in one piece.

*Shoots the transporter destroying it*

Now you stuck here with me.

*Gets up*

Lets do it...

*Pulls out my morpher*

Its morphin time....Go Go Megaforce!!!.

*Pulls out my morpher*

Go, Go, Megaforce!!.

*Blocks the attack and counters with a kick*

Ha ha you have to try harder then that to beat me.

*Hands you Gia's Zord card*

Here can you call her Zord.

*Blocks the kick but gets slash and falls back down*

Your not getting the better of me that easily...

*Shoots at you knocking you back gets up to my feet and walks over to you and steps on the sword*

Oh no you don't...

*Picks up my sword*

Give me that...any last words before I destroy you.

Umm alright hope it works.

*Pulls out the tiger zord card*

Gosei tiger activate.


*Stumbles back*

Red ranger...ahhh...what was that?

Lets do it Emma...

*Jumps inside*

*Jumps inside as well*

Let's get our friends back.


Let's....i'll track them and you pilot the Zord.


*Gets behind the wheel*

Ahhh....red ranger...you may have blinded me temporarily but I can still hear you and sense you.

*Starts walking in your direction*

Noah any luck tracking them.

The closer we get to Troy the....wait a minute...I think I got something.

*Looks at my gosei morpher*

Look Em...I think I'm picking up communication with Troy.

Great how much farther down do we go.

It's just right up there.

*Picks up my gosei morpher*

Troy can you hear me?

I hear you...red ranger.

*Shoots out a blasts in your area*

Troy we'll be right there...

How much farther Noah.

Just right on the other side of the wall.

Great can it go through the wall.

*Manuvers the zord towards the tunnels*

Ha ha ha...bulls-eye.

*Feels the rumbling*

Whats going on.

He's in for a surprise.

Yeah...get us through that wall.

Hold on tight.

*Manages to bust through the wall*

*As the hideout gets broken into*

What the...but how? don't matter those rangers will be destroy...

*Summons Loogies*

Loogies attack the rangers.

Look there he is...and he's not alone.

Great just what we need.

Yeah I see that ready to fight them.


Troy catch.

*Throws you my morpher*

Ready Noah.

We have to get there and help Troy wait Em...Troy give me that back I got yours right here...Em you don't have to do that.

Oh so you fixed both.

Remember I programed me and him a new one yeah that's how I morphed.

Yeah let's fight these loogies, I hope Gia is alright.

She will be... but first Troy morph already and let's take these things down.


*I go for some Loogies and fight them*

Ah touchy conversation....


Typical humans...Loogies get the rangers.

Your next Vrak.

Pink ranger...you have to go through me in order to get to Malkor....but that won't happen.

*Watches the Loogies fight with you rangers*

Don't hold your breath Vrak you disgusting piece of trash.

*Fights the Loogies and blasts them*

Phoenix shot.

*Pulls out the card and uses it*

Shark bow gun...

*Shoots the Loogies down one by one*

You guys handle the Loogies I'll take care of Vrak.

No Em wait.

*Keeps fighting the Loogies*

He's to strong.

Yes pink ranger...keep coming.

*Holds a blaster behind my back*

Hmm I'll be fine Noah don't worry.

*Runs at him with my Phoneix shot*



*Fires my blaster at him*

*Pulls out a blaster of my own and blasts you at the same time you blast me*

*Takes the blast and goes down*


*Runs and blasting my way to you*


Yeah I'm fine guys that was a strong blast.

*Takes the blast*

Ha ha ha...you loose.

*Activated a self destruct in the dungeon Falls*

The tiger zord is just up there, Noah can you pilot it I don't think I can.

Yeah of course i can yeah i hear you...we need to get out fast Vrak just activated a self destruct in here.

Troy just carry me we need to hurry, I hope Gia is ok.

Wait a minute...dang Vrak...I almost forgot...Gia that was the other we came for...you guys get out of here I'm not leaving without Gia.

*Runs back for Gia*.

Thanks remind me to never do that again, wait Noah you could get trapped in here with her.

*Hollers back*

You 2 get out now...I be fine...I'm going to get Gia!!!.

Alright we'll be waiting but how will you get out.

*Doesn't answer...gets to far away*


*Keeps running around looking for Gia*


Troy I'm worried what do we do so do we leave Gia's zord for her and Noah.

*Running and looking around and then i trip over something*

What is..wait it's Gia.

*Crawls to her side and lifts her up*

Come on Gia wake up we have to get out of here...


*Starts to feel pain holding my side and my head*

Opens my eyes Noah how did you find me.

No matter where you are I will always find you.

Troy we have to get out of here, call Noah and tell him the tiger zord is waiting.

You are really smart and figure everything out how did Troy and Emma get out.

*Holds my side*

He has gotten stronger.

Come on we have to get out of this place is about to explode...

*Lifts you up and carries you back to the tiger Zord*

Can you drive it.


*Runs inside the tiger Zord getting there just in time*

I hope Gia and Noah get out.

*The building explodes just as we take off launching us out from underground the tiger Zord comes flying out from underground*
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Default Re: Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce Chapter 4

Malkor: Vrak!! you fool...you idiot they got away!

Vrak: All is not lost though Admiral....the blue one took the yellow ranger and don't forget her mind still belongs to you.


Malkor: Your right...I guess its time to unleash our secret weapon...Vrak summon Bluefur.

Vrak: As you wish.


Malkor: Yellow ranger..the time to prove yourself is here...I will be sending you with a mutant name Bluefur....together I want you 2 to destroy the rangers.


Yes my lord. I hear and obey.

*Sees Gia at her locker*

Hey Gia.


What's up.

Not much you.

Want go to Ernie's.

*Appears in the city blasting buildings and exploding cars*

Sure I could go for a smoothie right now.

*Hears my morpher and runs to the city*

Stop right there, who are you.

Oh you don't remember me pink ranger....I'm Bluefur and I'm your worst nightmare.

*Blasts a fire ball at you*

*Dodges as I pull out my morpher*

Go, Go Megaforce,

*Pulls out my phoenix card and inserts it in my morpher*

Phoenix blaster.

Ok let's go.

*Morpher goes off*

Oh no trouble in the city....lets go contact Troy on the way.

Ha ha ha....we been through this before...your weapons no match for me.

Whatever try me you ugly insect.

*Fires my weapon*

*Keeps waking towards you laughing*

Ha ha ha I told you your weapon is useless but mine is not.

*Charges towards you and swats you like a fly with my weapon*

*Goes flying into the wall landing on my back*

I hope Emma is ok.

*Calls for help*

Troy anyone I need help.

*He jumps in and dropkicks him*

*Looks and sees Troy*

He's strong be careful.

*He backs up until he reaches Emma, kneels down and helps her up*

Thanks he's right our weapons won't work on him.

*Holds my side*

*He holds Emma close*

Here, lean on me.

Thanks Troy, I'm fine hes' to strong thought I could take him alone.

*Shows up with Gia*

Ready Gia.

*Pulls out my gosei morpher*

I know, but we are here to help.

Yeah I'm fine he didn't hurt me to much but I don't want you hurt to Troy be careful.

I will, I'll stay with you Emma.

Thanks Troy guys be careful, his names Bluefur.

*Leans on you*

*He holds Emma up*

*Goes to sit down and holds my side*

Maybe we can think of a plan.

*Sits with Emma*


*Leans back as i take your hand*

*Holds Emma's hand*

*Lays head on her shoulder*

I love you.

*Wraps my arm around her*

I love you too.

*Takes a deep breath and winces in pain*

I'm gonna hurt that insect when I get a hold of him.

Take it easy.

I am I should've waited for help but I had to try to fight him.

I know.

What if we use our weapons together.

Do you think that will work?

It's worth a try my weapon didn't but if we use them together it could work.

Let's give it a try.

Alright help me up.

*He gets up and helps Emma up*

*Takes your hand*

Thanks, listen here Bluefur you won't hurt me again.

*Pulls out my card and inserts it in my morpher*

Phoenix blaster

*He pulls out his weapon*

I'm ready let's get this over with Pulls out my morpher.

What took you so long.

*Fires my weapon at him*

*Fires my weapon too*

Go Go MegaForce!

Go Go Megaforce.


You rangers are no match for me.

*Counters and hits the rangers with my weapon*

Try me you freak.

*Emma runs at him with her weapon and fires*

That tickles...here try this on for size.

*Hits you with my weapon*

*Emma goes flying into a tree and lands on her side*

*Shoots at Bluefur with my shark bow gun*

Not so fast...leave my friends alone.


Blue ranger...was that suppose to hurt.

*Emma tries to get up but can't*

Noah be careful he's to strong.

Yeah Troy lets attack him together *Attacks him with Troy*

Is that all you 2 got.

*Counters and hits both rangers with my weapon*

You rangers and your toy weapons.

*Shoots out a blast back at the rangers*


*Takes the hit and falls to the ground*

He's to strong...but I'm not giving up.

I knew you were going to do that...


I have a secret weapon of my own...

*Summons the yellow ranger*

Blasts them and stands next to Bluefur.

*Emma looks shocked*

No Gia why.

*Falls to the ground*

This can't be...he turned Gia against us.

*Emma manages to stand and walks over to Gia and grabs her arm*

Gia what happened to you i knew something was wrong with you snap out of it.

*Kicks you*


I told you rangers...you are no match for us.

That's it I don't want to do this.

*Pulls out my card and inserts it in my morpher*

Phoenix blaster

*Fires at Gia and Bluefur*

I have just one....we need to go ultra and then separate...2 of us take Gia and the others take on Bluefur but don't hurt her.

To late Noah I've had it with her attitude, first she captures Troy and than she blasts us not this time.

*Keeps blasting her and kicks Bluefur hard*

Right and calm down Emma.

*Shoots Emma*

Sorry but I can't let you hurt her....we need to contain her while the others deal with Bluefur.

Give me your best shot.


*Emma goes down holding her side*

It's the only way to knock some sense into her.

No I won't except that...

*Runs at Gia*

Gia you have to snap out of it.

Whatever she's your girlfriend but there's one way.

*Still on the ground trips Gia with her foot sending her to the ground*

*Laughs blocks and counter strikes him*

*Shoots out a blast at your hand making you drop your morpher*

That gismo is no match for me.


Guys go ultra and destroy him....maybe that will break the spell.

I can't it wasn't him it's not a spell.

*Looks at Gia and holds her against a tree*

What do you mean it's not a spell and wasn't him, who was it.

*Looks at Gia*

Yeah spill it.

Gia if you love Noah spill or else.

The only thing I can tell you is his name Admiral Malkor he is Vrak's boss.

*Shoots a blasts at the yellow blue and pink*

Yellow ranger you dare to speak against Malkor.

*Gets up*

And as for you red ranger...it's about time you prove to be a fight...

*Attacks the red ranger*

They have a right to know.

Noah we have to protect Gia.

*Blocks the blast and stands in front of Gia*

You leave her alone you have to go through me to get to her.

Yes this is between me and the red ranger.

*Gets up and shoots out a toxic blast at Troy*

Get him Troy let Troy handle it.


*Takes the hit and falls*

This can't be happening...I'm invinsible.

Take that back.

*Gets up smoking*

*Emma standing in front of Gia fires her blaster as she goes ultra mode*

Ultra Mode Activate.

Going ultra....Ultra Mode Activate! Time for a little rain power...

*Summons power hitting him*


*Flies through the air hitting the ground*

Noooo....impossible. Ahhh...

*Gets up*

Red ranger you have to do better then that to get rid of me.

Troy together....lets combine our powers making one storm that he will never forget.

*Activates rain power again*

Gets up demorphs and goes for a walk.

Gia wait.

*Grabs her arm*

What's wrong.

*Fires together*

Nothing is wrong I just need to go for a walk Pulls her arm off and walks away faster.

*Stands there watching her walk away*

Ahhh....this can't be....your not going to see the last of me.

*Falls and explodes*

Gets further away and just stands there.

*Powers down and goes after Gia*

Gia wait.

*Looks at Troy*

I've lost my best friend and she won't let me help maybe I should just end our friendship.

*Catches up with Gia*

Gia whats wrong?
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Default Re: Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce Chapter 5

Vrak: *Summons Zombats and sends them down to make Bluefur grow*

You do not want to meet him he's worse than Vrak and uglier too i hope he didn't find out cause it will be bad for me.

Don't worry I won't let him hurt you.

I don't want you getting hurt.

*Calls Noah*

Noah, Emma here we have a problem Bluefur grew.

Be right there Emma...Gia we have to go Bluefur is back and bigger.

No rangers....I can handle it from here.

*Morphs into lion Zord and summons knight brothers*

Were suposed to work together.

You rangers rest....he's no match for me.

*Forms megazord*

*Continues to talk to Gia*

Like I was saying I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

Robo Knight....your no match for me.


*Emma just walks off*

If you see Gia tell her nothing,

*Walks to the forest*

You don't understand it isn't a spell i wish i could say more but i can't what's wrong with Emma.

Your the one who are no match for me....

*Summons sword and slash him*

We're going to find a way to set you free.

*Hugs you*

I promise you will be set free.


*Stumbles back*

Your going to pay for that...

*Fires a toxic blast*


System is in the red...what is this stuff.

I think she's mad at me it's not my fault you should go find her and tell her cause that's the only thing i remember is him nothing else.

Ok I will talk to Emma...but i just want to make sure your ok.

I'm fine don't worry.

*Stumbles back*

Red ranger your starting to really annoy me.

*Charges at Troy*

No mutant...we're not finish yet.

*Summons victory charge*

Victory Charge Activate.

*Emma still in the forest singing and sitting under a tree*

*Falls down to the ground*

This isn't over....wait I guess it is....this is the last of us...

*Falls exploding*

My job here is done...

*Demorphs back to normal*

Malkor: Vrak!! where are you....you useless insect.

Vrak: Before you get upset....I just want to remind you that you still have the yellow ranger under your control.

Malkor: *Snarls*

Vrak you idiot....I'm losing my power over her...get her back here....at all costs.

Vrak: Yes master.


Malkor: You better not fail me.


That is because you rangers are strong....but I'm stronger but for humans....I can see your getting stronger everyday.

*Walks off*

Noah go get Emma and the others i won't be here long.


*Contacts Emma*

Emma you there...its me Noah.

*Emma hears*

Yes Noah what's up.

Emma you and the others meet us in the park....i think Gia is in trouble.

Calls Troy.

I'll try and get there.

Ok Em.

*Emma just sits there*

Looks around doesn't see anyone just stands there waiting.

Ok guys...

*Looks at Gia*

Gia they on they're way.

*Appears in the park and attacks Noah and Gia*

I don't know but a little busy here.

*Fights the Loogies*

She's still in the forest for some reason i don't know if Loogies are here Vrak can't be to far i think they are here to distract you.

*Emma watches from the trees and whispers*

Alright Vrak where are you.


*Some Loogies show up and grab Gia*

*Shows up*

Rangers...its a trap... yellow ranger needs your help.

*Starts fighting the Loogies*

I got these ...go help your fellow human.

There is no way i'm going back there Vrak can forget it.

*Emma rolls her eyes and pulls out her card and inserts it into her morpher*

Phoenix blaster.

*Blasts them all*

I'm not moving from this spot i know something is wrong with Emma i have never seen her this mad no matter where i go he will always find me.

Ok Troy...

*Summons Shark bow Gun and shoots the Loogies*

*Shows up*

You rangers think your clever...soon we will get the yellow ranger back....because she is and always will be a part of us.

*Laughs and vanishes*

Guys what was he talking....she will always be part of them?

Its obvious that they are talking about the yellow ranger who is not pure headed....she belongs to them.


This won't work....they will still find her...we need to find a way to break the connection between her and them.

*Points up*

Noah's right they will find me the only thing i know is Admiral Malkor is Vrak's boss nothing else.

*Walks away*

I'm going to finish this...one way or another.

*Emma went to Ernie's and ordered a smoothie and sat there*


We got to do something...i can't just sit here and watch her suffer with the mind games of those....insects.

Yeah maybe your right....but I can't stay here.

*Runs off*

I can't I know he's watching he always does where did he go.

*Keeps going*

Catches up Noah please wait.


It's not that easy i think she is mad at me i don't know why Noah do you know why Em is mad at me.

No...lets go talk to her at Ernie's.

Ok I want to know why I mean it's not my fault.

Yeah exactly.

It's weird that I only know him nothing else like my mind is blank.


Which means empty don't know why maybe that's why my head always hurts.

*Emma finishes her smoothie and throws it away and gets ready to leave*

*Me and Gia walks in Ernie's*

Hey Emma.

Hi what are you guys doing here.

We came to get a smoothie and talk to you.

Ok well go get your smoothie and sit I was just on my way out.

Yeah especially to talk to you.

About what.

Are you mad at me cause you were when you wanted me to tell you what was going on.

Kinda i blasted you to help but than Noah blasted me.

That's cause he didn't want you blasting me he knew a way to try to help.

Sorry i lost my best friend, i gotta go.

*Runs out of Ernie's and into the forest*

Vrak where are you.

What did she mean she lost me i'm right here Troy can you go talk to her she's in the forest Walks over to the table and sits down.

Goes to look for her.

Why did she say that i'm right here she didn't lose me.

Well I guess she is just upset that those evil bugs are inside your head and i wouldn't let her just blast you.

Thanks but she wouldn't have hurt me except for when she told me to tell you and her what happened when she put me against the tree.

Yeah I know.

*Emma still looking for Vrak*

Where are you tell me how to change Gia back.

Sees Emma Runs up to her.

Like i said my mind is empty and i only obey him that's why my head always hurts cause i try thinking about you and the others but nothing is there it freaks me out.

Don't worry we will get you back to normal.

*Put my arm around you*

I know i really hate this.

Troy what are you doing here.

Gia told me to find you.

I'm fine.

Holds your hand.

I was waiting for Vrak.

Well we will together.

No I want to on my own and get some answers.

You can't.

I am and i will with or without your help.

You always have my help.

I know i want my best friend back.

Lets go back.



No i want answers go back and tell them i'm fine.


Yeah you worry to much.

Your my wife holds you I protect you.

I know but i want answers.

I know.

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Default Re: Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce Chapter 6

Malkor: Vrak I sure hope you have a plan on how to bring the yellow ranger back to me.

Vrak: Malkor I found a mutant who can capture the yellow ranger and I can have him bring her to you.

Malkor: For your sake....you better not fail me.

Vrak: Yes Malkor I will not fail you.


*Emma was walking around the city*

*In my lab working on another experiment*

In the other part of the city walking Not this part again i have been here before.

Vrak: Jogon...I heard your the mutant for the job of capturing a ranger.

Why stop there Vrak...I can get rid of those brats who been giving you and my fellow toxic mutants a hard time....I will destroy the power rangers.

Vrak: Just get the yellow ranger and for a reward....you can have the power rangers....and you better not fail.


Yes Vrak.

*Disappears and appear in the city causing mayhem*

*Emma was walking and heard people screaming and went to see them*

Who are you.

I'm Jogon of the Ningyo...but you pink ranger can call me Jogon...and I am your worst nightmare.

Gets there and sees Emma.

Ah the yellow ranger...just the ranger I was expecting.

Oh great another ugly alien why are you here.

*Gets a call from Gosei and runs to the city to meet the others*

I'm not afraid of you Jogon or whatever you are I'm gonna defeat you one way or another.

*Pulls out my card and morpher*

Go, Go, MegaForce.

Never mind why I'm here....

*Shoots out a blasts at both pink and yellow rangers just as they morph*

*Goes down and tries to get up*

Gia you alright, that's it your going down you ugly insect.

I'm fine don't worry about me i know why he's here.

*As I'm running I pull out my morpher and card*



Noah where's Troy.

*Gets up and morphs*

Go, Go MegaForce.


Thats right yellow ranger....

*Shoots a beam at the yellow ranger trapping her in another dimension*

*Summons Sharkbow Gun and fires it at Jogon*

Gia no, that's it you've gone to far Jogon.

*Summons my Phoenix shot and fires*


Ha ha ha is that all you got rangers....

*Shoots out a blast at both blue and pink*


*Falls on the ground*

Emma he's to strong...we need the others.

*Emma goes down to next to Noah*

We lost Gia, I don't know where Jake is but I'll call Troy.

Troy where are you Noah and i need help.

*Tries contacting Troy as well*

*Emma tries to get up*

We have to get Gia back i'm gonna try and attack him again I can't wait for Troy or Jake,

*Manages to get to my feet and attacks him again*

Phoenix shot.

*Fires more towards him*

Not this again it's like déjà Vu all over again.

*Stumbles back*

Oh no don't...this can't be....



*Runs up to the pink ranger and slashes her*


*Gets up and staggers over to Emma*

*Goes down hard*

I'm fine Noah he can hurt me as much as he wants, you need to rest i'm gonna try and get Gia back,

*Slowly gets to my feet*

I'm getting my friend back, let her go you freak.

*Stops Emma*

No pink ranger...your hurt. I will get your friend back.

Oh no its Robo Knight....I'm so scared.


*Sees Robo Knight and falls to my knees and whispers*

I'm sorry Gia this is my fault.

My sensors indicate you are lying....you will be scared after I'm through with you.

Troy sees them Emma

You ok looks at the monster.

You will pay Go Go MegaForce MegaForce Red.

Yeah I'm fine this is my fault.

Helps you up.

Oh this is so touchy....sorry to ruin it....

*Shoots out a blasts at the rangers*


*Sighs and looks down*

*Covers up*

Is that the best you got....rangers you stay back I will handle this creature.

*Runs in and attacks him*

Emma its ok Robo we need to work together.

No it's not I need to find Gia.

*Starts to attack Robo Knight*

Go me and Robo will handle him.

I don't know where to look, Noah any ideas.

Puts in my wepon card.

*Gets up slowly*

No I have no idea....but Gosei might.

Hmm Noah can't you track her location or ask Gosei I'm gonna try and talk to that freak and get some answers.

No don't...rangers stay back...I can handle this creature.

*Summons Robo Blaster*

Gosei blaster Hits him.

I need answers Robo Knight, I won't get to close,

*Looks at him*

Where is the yellow ranger you freaky insect.

*Continues to fight Robo Knight and red ranger*

Pink ranger you will never find her.

Dragon sword slashes him.

Tell me where she is now.

*Blasts him with my Robo blaster*

*Takes the hit and slides back...and looks up*

Ha ha ha that kind of stung...try my sword on for size red ranger.

*Slashes the ranger and Robo Knight*

Still in another dimension waiting and has my hands on my head.

Hits a tree Ahhhh.

*Gets knocked back*

Your strong...but I'm stronger.... Vulcan Cannon Activate...

*Activates vulcan cannon*

Ultra card flame of a Dragon Ultra Strom Power Activate.

I'm not gonna stop til he tells me where she is.

You rangers might not want to destroy me.

Guys wait...what are you talking about?

Why's that.

*Pauses and shuts down the Vulcan Cannon*

If you want to see your friend again....then you wouldn't destroy me or you destroy her.

What do you mean destroy her.

Guys I think....I think Gia is linked to him somehow.

*Looks at Noah*

Is this true.

*Looks on*

Looks what do you want.

Nothing really...just my freedom...see ya.


Dang it rangers let's go see Gosei.

No wait....aw man he's gone yeah lets.

Do you guys believe him.

I don't know what to believe.

*Walks off out of sight*

I don't know Em lets go see Gosei and see if we can track her down.

*Appears at the Warstar and releases Gia in her special cell*

*Powers down*

You guys go ahead I'll be in the forest.

Powers down.

*Powers down after arriving at the Command Center*

*Emma starts to walk away not showing tears as she walks into the forest*

I'll find you Gia even if it hurts me.

Not him again.


This time your not escaping the Admiral.

*Walks away*

Yellow ranger....this time you can't morph even if you had your morpher.....and your friends won't be able to find you this time.


You will be made a part of us once and for all.

*In the command center trying to track down Gia*

Gosei what did he mean about him and Gia.

They never give up i will never be a part of you.

Gosei: Rangers just as we were hoping not to happen....as long as Jogan has Gia with him they are connected.

Looks at Noah then him what we do.

Like you will have much of a choice....Vrak get in here.

*Vrak shows up*

*Emma in the forest sitting against a tree crying*

Troy we need to find a way to break his connection....unless.

Unless what.

*As I'm still scanning for Gia*

Unless if he already took her to the Warstar.

I have a choice not him again now I have to deal with two ugly insects.

Vrak: Malkor the machine is ready.

Malkor: Yellow ranger you will be a part of us....work quickly Vrak I have a feeling the rangers will be on there way soon.


I am not going through that again.

Don't worry yellow ranger.....this will only hurt....a lot.

Noah i gotta find Emma keep me informed.

Ok Troy you got it.

Runs to the forest.

Why would it hurt me a lot the only thing that hurts is my head.


Foolish yellow ranger....you think your head hurts now....just wait until I flip the switch and you start to change from the inside out.

That's really really wrong even for you i will never be a part of you or hurt my team you will never destroy us i will never help you destroy them.

Sees Emma runs to her hugs her.

*Sees Troy and hides the tears*

You ok.

Do I look ok I miss my best friend I want her back and I will get her back with or without help.

Hugs you i know i know Noah's working on it.

I know but I want to go look for her.

Once Noah finds were she is we are getting her back we need a plan.

I don't have a plan I just want to get in there and get her out.

I have one lets go to Gosei.

I don't know I want to find her myself.

You can't Noah's working on it.

Just try to stop me, call Noah and tell him to get me a location.

Emma i'm going with you.

I want to do this alone.


Why can't I do it alone.

He's to strong Robo couldn't beat him.

I don't care I'm gonna try if not I'll try to call you.


*Sighs and takes your hand*

I'll be alright don't worry.

Looks at you.

You worry to much.

I don't want you hurt.

I won't get hurt that much I'll be fine just have Noah tell me the coordinates.

I'm going too.

No I need to do this alone I promise.


I'll call you and Noah if I need help.

Looks down.

I have to at least try.

Hugs you becareful.

I will.

*Hugs back*

Let's see if Noah can get us coordinates.

Back to the Command Center.

Isn't Noah with Gosei.


Let's go.


We go to find Gosei and Noah.

Goes with her.

*Still scanning for Gia*

*We get to Noah and Gosei*

So Noah how's it going.


I'm having trouble locating Gia's Morpher it's like there is a block on it or something.

Hmm try a different freqency cause once you locate her I'm going.

Gosei what about her cards.

Walks across the room picks up my backpack opens it up looks through it finds my morpher tries to call them but can't. I have to get out of here before something bad happens to me I have to try to call them somehow but first I have to get away from here. Puts my morpher back into my backpack closes it puts it on my shoulder and starts running fast.

*Shoots a laser lasso and ties up Gia*

Where do you think your going yellow ranger.

Let me go i'm leaving this ship I will never be a part of you.

You don't have a choice yellow ranger.

*Tightens the grip and flips the Switch*

Soon you Will be one of us.

Gosei what we do we need to find her.

Noah please tell me you can pick up her cordinates.

No I haven't but I do have a idea where she might be.

No i won't i will never be one of you ever and i will never destroy them.


Please tell me.

*Jogon shows up causing destruction in the city*

Noah you and Emma stay here i will fight the monster.

Ok Just be Careful Troy.


It's Morphin Time Go Go MegaForce MegaForce Red Runs to the city blasting him.

Vrak: Yellow ranger soon you will be one of us.

Noah once we find out where she is I'm going to get her back and I need you to help Troy.

I will never be one of you ever i will fight this.

Ah....red ranger what no help.

There helping by finding Gia where is she.

I don't know if my suspicion is right it might be a trap.

You will never know....you will have to destroy me if you can.

Yeah but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

Gets my dragon sword slashes him 4 times.

Yeah but I don't know What i would do or Troy in that matter if you get hurt.

I know but I have to I told him not to worry to much I'll be fine but if I need you Troy can fly you both.

*Takes the hit and counter Strikes you back with my Sword*

Blocks, kicks it out of your hand then gets the Gosei cannon puts my card in shooting you.

I suppose your right....well as I was saying she's most likely on the Warstar somewhere.

Yeah I hope we can help before something bad happens.

*Jumps up and catches my sword*

Is that all you got.

Looks I destroyed you.

Still hooked up to the machine trying not to give in. I am never going to destroy them or be one of you i can keep fighting this i'm strong enough to fight this you will never have control over me you can't hurt me either even if i disobey Malkor he isn't the boss of me.

No red ranger....you missed with your cannon.


Now your going to pay.

~Appears, zaps him~


Yeah I know what you mean me too.

Leave my friend alone.

Justin you should be helping Noah.


I got him you help Noah lock on Gia you and Emma go find her and Noah and I will finish him.

Already there.

Noah, Justin please help get a location on Gia than I'm going alone to get her back.

Keeps blasting.

~Nods~ Ri


*Stumbles back*

You rangers have to do better then that to defeat me.

*Shoots out a blast at the rangers*

Call the powers of Ultra Storm Flame of a dargon inserts my card into my morpher and actives it.

To myself I have to get out of here before I end up turning pure evil I would never hurt them especially Noah but how do I get out of this stupid thing.

Hits him hard.

~Starts scanning for Gia on my scanner.

Emma like I was saying she is most likely on the Warstar somewhere so if you really want to go rescue her go up there and I stay here to try to monitor you from here.

Noah come in.

Great thanks Noah I'll be careful.


*Falls on the ground but gets up slow*

I'm not finished yet red ranger.

Oh you will be.

Uses my victroy cards and shoots him hard.

Yeah Troy.

Noah I'll use my zord hand me a gps so I can locate the Warstar ship.


*Falls blowing up*

Stands up trying to kick the door open so I can get out and leave the Warstar and head back home.

I already entered the coordinates into your phoenix computer.

Vrak: Yellow ranger don't waste your time and energy those bars are unbreakable.

Noah I'm on my way to help Emma send the info to my dragon zord.

~Has a lock~

Got her!

Justin send it to my dragon zord.

~Sends the coordinates~

Thanks I'll head up there and see if I can find her wish me luck,

*Pulls out my morpher*

Go, Go Megaforce,

*Puts my card in my morpher and calls my zord*

Phoenix zord.

*jumps into it*

Dolphin zord.

~Inserts cord and calls his zord~

Noah how far do I have to go.

Sees the Warstar Emma come in.

Troy what is it.

I see it.

Where are you.

Look up.

I was doing this on my own Noah has the gps on me.

Justin sent the location for me i have a plan.

No I'm going in you stay out in the zord and wait for my call.

Will you listen to me.

No I want to do this by myself please.

Your gonna get Gia while i handle Vrak.

No there not in the same room with her so relax, just wait for my call once I get Gia were out of here unless I get caught I'll call.

You see that opening.

Yeah just wait for my call if I gt caught.

Hop on top to my zord i will lower it down so you can get in.

Aww Troy Noah will monitor me.

*Gets out of my zord and jumps onto yours"

Lowers it opens the hatch hugs you be careful.

*Hugs back*

I will.

~Justin follows in his zord.

I can keep trying i will never be a part of you besides i know my team is coming they can kick your butt then i can leave this ship Malkor isn't the boss of me i will never obey him i will be free of him. Tries kicking the door again but feels my head hurting worse than before sits back down with my hands on my head trying not to give in but to tired and weak to do anything just sits there resting.

Justin hold on Emma is gonna find her.

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Default Re: Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce Chapter 7

Malkor: Vrak...

*Walks into the dungeon*

Is her mind under my control yet?

Vrak: No her mind need more time...she keeps fighting it....she's more stronger than we thought.

Malkor: No Vrak...she's stronger than you thought...this is why I want her as my minion...

*Alarm sounds*

Vrak: Malkor our sensors have just picked up some intruders....there coming for the Yellow Ranger.

Malkor: then that is just what they going to get.


Noah I'm going in, Troy if I need help I'll call.

Emma just be careful...it might be a trap.

That's the risk I'm gonna take just keep monitoring me.

*Lowers myself down the cable into the ship and starts to walk weapon in hand*

*Summons Loogies*

Loogies go and slow down our little guest....while I prepare the main course.

*Sends the Loogies to attack the Pink Ranger*

*Sees them and fires at them destroying them* Noah can you help locate Gia.

I have got to fight this but it's to strong trying not to give in but to tired and weak to do anything closes my eyes and rests.

I'm detecting a power reading in the center of the ship...it must be where Gia is.

Alright I'll let you know when I have Gia.

*Follows the tracking device and looks in and sees Gia*

Noah how do I get her out of that cage.

*More Loogies show up surrounding the Pink Ranger*

*I pull out my blaster and fires at them as I try to get past them*

I have no idea how to get her out yet....let me know what type of cell she's in when you get there.

*More Loogies show up*


*Finishes off the Loogies*

Gia hang on,

*Runs inside and looks*

Noah it's like a small jar.

*Fights the Loogies and finish them*

*Lays there in the cage*


*Blasts the cage and helps her to her feet*

Gia you alright.

*Lays there unconscious*

*Helps her up and drags her to the entrance*

Troy, I need help I can't lift her up can you pull her up and than take her home.

*Ties the cable around Gia*

*Out on my feet*

Gia you'll be fine once we get you home you'll rest, Troy hurry.

*Sees Vrak and Loogies and tries to fight them*

Vrak: Pink Ranger...where do you think your taking our guest.

Out of here and away from you,

*Blasts him*

Troy, Noah get Gia out of here I need help.



Your going to pay for that.

*Gets up* Loogies get her.

*Starts to fight them and blast them*

Give up I'm gonna make you wish you never took her.

Where is Troy? I can't get there with my zord....Troy should be there.

I don't know but I told him to get Gia out of here, Noah tell him to hurry back, you could never hurt me or the team Vrak your the loser this time.

Ok I'm on it..Troy where are you?

Outside the Warstar.

Where were you a little help here.

Dragon Sword slashes him.

Vrak: Your going to lose Pink Ranger...your all by yourself.

*Gets hit by the Red Ranger*

You think so you thought wrong,

*Leans against the wall*

Guys...how is it coming...I can't tell...I'm barely picking up readings on Gia.

Well I'm trying to get her to the zord can you take the controls to lift her from the ship.

*Ties her to the cord*

Vrak: Red Ranger your going to pay for that.

*Attacks the red ranger*

Yeah I can tap into your zord controls...you and Troy get back here safely.

*Raises Gia up in the zord*

See you guys back at the command center.

Thanks Noah.

*Goes and attacks Vrak*

Leave him alone.

*Flies the Phoenix remotely back to the command center*

Vrak: Bring it.

*Defends against Pink Ranger*

*Attacks firing my blaster*

You took my best friend, mostly hurt my team mate and made a monster to take people's dreams including mine but no more I'm gonna wish you never took her,

*Runs at him and kicks him*

Slashes him 8 times.

*Takes the hit*



Is that all you got.


Emma lets go ultra.


Vrak: *Gets up slowly*

Troy hurry.

*Blasts him again*

Vrak: Oh no you don't...live to fight another day.


Flame of a Dargon Ultra "Storm Power! Ultra Megaforce Red!"

*Powers down and falls against you*

Holds you let's get going Get Gia let's go.

Noah took Gia home I'll have to ride with you, I'm tired that fight took alot out of me.

*Gets Gia to the command center and start monitoring her vitals*

Helps you in as we get home.

*Lays against you*

Thanks for helping me.

Welcome we get back to Gosei.

*Walks in with you as I hold your hand*

Noah how is she.

*Back at the Warstar ship Vrak comes to Malkor*

Vrak: Malkor the rangers took the bait...and she's in the command center.

Malkor: Good and now we wait for the trap to spring.


*Looks over at both of you*

She's getting stronger all of a sudden....her vitals just improved by 50% I can't believe it...

Holds her hand.

Well Vrak had so many Loogies attack me and they were kinda strong but I'm glad I had help otherwise I'd be hurt, let's hope she remembers us.

*My eyes pop open*

Noah...Emma.....Troy....what happened?

Gia you ok well you won't believe us if we told you.

*Hugs her*

Look thinks

Somethings not right.

Yeah Gia.

*Hugs her as well*


*Hugs you both back*

I'm just glad to be back.

*Looks at Troy*

Troy what's wrong, we missed you you were acting weird the past few days must have been lack of sleep.

Emma come so we can talk in private.

Noah, Gia I'll be right back,

*Walks over with Troy* What's going on.

Wll I'm fine now...

*Goes back to talking with Noah*

I'm just glad to have you back...


That's not Gia there is no way her vitals came back that soon.

*Smiles back*

Are you sure you might have been mistaken.

Noah can I have another hug.

*Holds out my arms*

Yeah sure hun.

*Hugs Gia*

No i'm not the human body takes longer to get things back.

*Hugs Noah* (whispers in his ear now I got you blue boy)

*Sends him through a portal back to the Warstar*

Oh wait you sure.



See's a light no Noah.

Troy what do we do.

*Gets up*

What just happened guys.

Gosei what do we do.

I don't know.

*Looks at her*

Are you sure your ok.

Yeah I'm fine...why wouldn't I.

*Looks at you with concern*

Emma run.

*Shakes my head*

Troy why.

*Gets up to my feet and look around*

Where am I?

That's not Gia come on hurry takes her hand.

*Takes yours as we run*

Call Jake and tell him to meet us outside.

Jake Come in.

~Justin was working in the garage~

*He answers*


Meet us at Ernie's.

*We run out of the command center and to Ernie's*

I hope he didn't follow us.

Emma go ahead of me.

Just be careful what if he does the same to you.


*He goes to Ernie's*

Kisses Emma I'll be fine go.

*He waits at Erine's*

*Calls Troy*

Troy you can't do this get out of there you could be next.

Emma I'm fine please tell Gosei what's going on.

I can't cause Gosei is there with you remember when Noah was checking Gia (Fake) it was like Gosei knew.

Gosei: Who are you? I know your not my yellow ranger...after scanning your human DNA I detected your no human.

Your right.

*Smiles and show my real self.

Oh no I gotta get back runs back.

*Emma follows but hides and watches*

Troy he's not gonna hurt Gosei.


Now your finished.

*Starts destroying the Command Center*

Vrak: Blue Ranger....I'm so glad you can join us.


Soon your friends will join you.

*Checks my pockets*

Oh no...where is my morpher.

*Looks around for my morpher*

Vrak: *Shows Noah his morpher*

Looking for this Blue Ranger....

*Sees my morpher*

Give that back.

*Pulls out my morpher*

Go, Go Mega force,

*Pulls out my phoenix blaster and blasts him*

Leave the command center alone and get lost.

Vrak: Why don't you come take it from me.

*Takes the hit*

Ahh...Pink Ranger you came alone.


So I take it you want to join the Blue Ranger.

Kicks Vrak from behind morphed.

~Appears behind Vrak, already morphed, grabs the morpher as Troy blasts him~


Umm No I'm not gonna join him and neither are the others.

*Blasts him again*

*He runs grabbing his card and morpher*

Go go Megaforce!

*He puts in the card in the morpher, morphing*

Get out of here and return my friends, Gosei are you alright.

Emma.... we will work together as a team.

*He shows up*

What's going on?

Jake meet the fake Gia he turned into Gia and tricked us destorying the command center and sending Noah to the Warstar.

Sees them.

He what? My best friend to a warship?

*He gets angry*

Oh look....the Black Ranger.

You missed me!

~in green suit~

What have you done with my best friend?!

*He points at him angry*

Yes Jake just be careful he'll send us there to.

*Blasts him again*

You can never defeat us and we will get our friends back.

Got to go but first.

*Shoots one last blast at Gosei knocking him out of commission*

See ya.


Goes in the command center Hey Vrak Missing someone.



*Powers down and goes over to Gosei*


*Sinks to my knees*

*He runs to where he was*

You will regret this Malkor!

I know I can fix him....

*He looks down at his fist still morphed*

*Looks at Justin, Troy and Jake*

I tried to stop him but without Gosei we can find Noah and Gia.

*Gets up and walks*

I need tools....

He will pay i swear.

Runs to Emma hugs her.

~Sighs, goes to get some tools~

Don't worry guys... I am sure I can fix Gosei... he can't just leave.

*He storms out angry*

Malkor will get it.

I tried but now that Gosei is gone we can't find them.

*Hugs Troy and hands him my morpher and kicks the wall*

Yes you can.... they are Power Rangers like us... they are more likely on the Warstar.

*He sits near the sea watching the waves*

Emma I promise we will find a way Jake Justin you two stay here incase Vrak shows up Emma you and me are gonna find Noah.

*He sighs*

How we don't have a locator or GPS to find them.

Jake don't worry.

We will call him out.

I don't know Jake it's to dangerous and what happens if you get trapped on the Warstar ship.

Jake you and Emma stay here I'll go get Noah back.

Then so be it long as i get a few hits in.

No I'm not staying I'm comming with you I don't care if I get hurt.

We are a team.

I know but once we find Noah and Gia we'll bring them back but I have a feeling we'll be in for a fight of our lives.

Emma Jake is gonna need back up please stay here and help him.

No I don't care if your leader i'm coming with you you won't be able to get them both into your zord.

*He nods*

*Appears in the park*

Now we wait.

Jake will you be able to handle it yourself.

*Looks around in confusion*

I am a vemon Snake my bites can kill, Malkor!

*He runs towards him*

*Walks around town confused*

*He runs in front of him*


Emma it's megazord time.

Shall we morph first.

*Sees the Black Ranger*

Who are you? who am I?

Let's ready.


*Pulls out my morpher*

Go, Go Megaforce Megaforce Pink.

I'm the one who is bringing you down!

What are you talking about? I'm just trying to find out who I am.

Go Go Megaforce Megaforce Red.


*Puts my card in and calls my zord*

Phoenix Zord Activate.

I don't know....I don't remember who I am.

*Turns around so you can't see my smile*

Your Noah my best friend.

Dragon Zord Puts it in my morpher Activate.

*Turns back around with a sad look*

I am? why can't I remember?

Troy we have to be careful when we get in there I was already attacked so make sure we have each others backs.

Malkor must have did something to you.

Right let's move it.

Malkor? who is he?

He's the leader of the Warstar we are fighting them cause they are bad we are the Power Rangers.

We are the what? Power Rangers? prove it.

*Jumps into my zord*

Wait I still have the tracking device.

*He grabs his morpher and card*

Go go Megaforce! *He puts the card in the morpher, morphing*

Megaforce Black!,

See remember Noah?


I....I....you might want to take me to some where more private and more familiar because I still can't remember.

Wait a minute, Noah remembers everything.

~Justin works on fixing Gosei~

Troy call Justin and see how it's coming with Gosei.

We get there Justin hows Gosei doing.

Still working on him... he is damaged badly.

*Looks down*

I should've stood in front of him than he wouldn't have gotten damaged.

It's not your fault Emma...

~Sparks fly as I connect a wire~

Snake axe! the real Noah would know.

Emma let's go its right there.


I'm sorry Gosei, alright we have to be careful Troy ready,

*Lowers my cable and waits inside for Troy*

Whoa....what are you talking about? that Malkor fella...he took my memories.

Tensou try powering up the thing again.

Get your card only the real Noah can do that.

Do what?

~Justin crosses his fingers and pulls the lever~

Jumps out as we walk in.

~The Command Center powers up~ YES! YES!

Put your hand up and say Gosei card.

*Has my Phoenix blaster in hand*

Be really quiet why don't youu go first I'll cover you.

~Sees Gosei is still offline~

NO! ~Justin runs to find out what he did wrong~

Oook....Gosei card.

*Holds hand out*

*Jake calls Justin*

Hey Justin i need your help with Noah knew it your not Noah!

There is nothing I can do about Noah.... It may be a spell.... there has be a source.... find it, destory it.

I think i have.


Your not as dumb as you look Black Ranger.

*Changes back to my true form*

Be careful..... He could attack you next Jake.... find how Malkor is erasing the memory and reverse it!


*He gets in fighting stance*

*Hears something*

Troy listen.

Listens closely.

~Justin tries to power up the Chamber again~ Come on.....

Troy that way follow the voices and we might find them,

*Listens and shakes my head*

Troy tell me that's not who I think it is.

Justin some help, Noah is Malkor.

I am afraid I am busy Jake... I am still repairing Gosei.

Alright Justin.

Troy maybe we'll find Noah and Gia as well, shall I walk ahead of you.

No behind.

~Justin tries to power it up one more time~

Gosei.... please..

~Pulls the lever~

Alright lead the way,

*I stay close behind*

No I am not Malkor....but your about to join your friends.

*Shoots out a beam of light trapping Jake and sends him to join Noah*

Walks as he tries to find Noah.

Troy you don't think Malkor tricked Jake and brought him here to.

~The Center powers up, Gosei reawakens~



*He lands where Noah is*

That hurt.



*Runs to him*

Jake is that you.

Where am i?

Your in some type of energy cage....don't bother looking for your morpher they took it when you get transported.

Great now we have to rescue the 3 of them what happens if you or me are next.

~Justin contacts Rangers~

Gosei is back up.

Noah is that really you?

Yeah buddy.

Great Emma look over at that cage runs Noah, Jake.

Justin that's great we have a problem how fast can you get here.

Oh man Malkor really got us.

Vrak: *Walks in*

I have a new play toy


No Justin needs to stay on earth.

Troy wait.

*Grabs his arm*

Justin have Gosei find a way to get the others back.


Well Malkor tricked Jake so he has all 3 of them.

What do you want with us Vrak?

But you forget that I can morph into other Ranger.

Vrak: Looks like I have more rangers to play with...catch you later.


Yeah but we can't lose you to,

*Looks and sees Vrak*

How are we gonna do this.

Emma look ahead.


*He kicks the energy wall*


Please Justin find a way to get them out, Troy we have to be careful or were next.

I can't... it is like they have a energy force around them.

Its no use for him but guys you can.

Sees them Noah Jake is that you.

They are Justin and there morphers are gone.

Noah we need to find away out.

Over there in the next room is the computer that runs it...shut it down.

Me? On a computer?

If you can shut down the computer, I could teleport them here....

No Jake not you...your in here with me remember no not without my morpher....I'm going to get it back after all Vrak told me to come and get it.

Walks closer to them.

Ok Justin keep montioring us, Troy how do we do this do I shut down the computer or fight Vrak, or vise versa.

*He sits down*

I will.. be careful.

We will, Troy do you want me to shut down the computer.

Guys just be careful.

~Justin keeps repairing the Command Center, having things ready for the teleporation~

Hey a bug!

*He pokes a bug*

Poke poke poke.

Troy watch my back I'm gonna try to shut that computer down,

*Sneaks a little bit to the other room and sees the computer*

*Waits in the shadows with the Loogies*

Alright waited behind you.

*He picks up the bug*

Noah look a bug.

*He walks towards Noah*

~Justin sees trouble on the radar scope from Emma~


Where Justin I don't see them.

*Shakes head*

Jake....you would pick that thing up...put that down...wait.

*Walks towards you*

This just might be...

*Takes the bug and examines it*

Apparently all around you, in the shadows.. it is an ambush!.


*Comes out and blast Emma*

Surprise Pink Ranger.

Loogies get them.

*Goes down*


It is...watch this.

*Pulls a leg out*

Malkor: Ahhhh....rangers!!!!!

~Justin whispered~ told you so....

EW! poor bug.

Jake you heard that? I knew this bug was related to him.

*Pulls out another leg*

Gosei.. teleport Emma now!

Heard what?

*He listens*

*Gets up*

No I'm not leaving.

Malkor: Blue ranger!!!!

Kicks him.

Gosei: she won't let me teleport her and besides I can't get a lock on her.

Noah my friend you are the smartest guy alive! Another.

Justin I have to shut down that computer *Runs to the other room* Troy keep him busy.

Ahhh...Red Ranger...your going to pay for that.

*Slashes him*

Okay..... I must go help them then.

Justin teleport one of Gia's weapons,

*Sees Troy*


Blocks kicks his sword slash him 5 times.

Yeah...Malkor show yourself or else.

*Puts the bug down and comes close to stepping on it*

Yeah what Noah said.


*Defends against the attacks*

Is that all you got Red Ranger.

*Counter strikes*

*Emma reaches the computer room and finds a way to shut down the computer*

Noah, Justin tell me how to shut this down.

Blocks Gosei blaster shoots him down.

Malkor: *Shows up and knocks Noah down*

My poor baby.

*Picks up the bug*

*He kicks out Malkors legs*

Thanks for the exit.

Noah can you locate Gia.

Malkor: *Shoots out a blast stoping him*.

Oh no you don't.

Blocks it.

I am not sure how to Emma... it may be codes...

~sends the tiger claw~

Gosei... Jake is hurt... I am locking on him now.

~Justin pulls the lever, teleports Jake~

*Gets up*

Whoa that hurts.

*Kicks him but no effect*

Slashes him again.

*He gets back hurt*


*He holds his chest hurt*

~Justin runs over to him~

Easy Jake...

~Grabs a first-aid kit~

Malkor: Your not going anywhere without your little friend.

*Laughs and goes back to attacking Noah*

Troy help Noah I have to go find Gia, Justin can you locate Gia.

*He looks at Justin*

I need to go back i need my morpher.

Uhh...can use some back up over here.

Slashes Malkor.

Malkor: *Stumbles back*

*Dives away from him*

Thats better I have to go find Vrak....he has my and Jake's morphers.

Slashes him hard Noah get going.

You are too hurt.....

~Wraps his chest in bandages~

Trust in Noah... he is your friend after all.

Ahh! I do believe in him.

Malkor: Ahhh...rangers we will meet again and you will never find your Yellow Ranger.


Dang it.

*Runs after Vrak*

Vrak! you have something that belongs to me.

Troy cover Noah I have to see if I can find Gia.

*Waves the 2 morphers in front of him*

You mean this...but 1st.

*Locks down the room*

Now its just me and you blue boy.

*Looks around*

Oh no...its a trap.

~Helps Jake with his wounds~

I believe in you Noah.

*He says in pain*

*Gets in my fighting stance*

Don't need my powers to beat you.

~Puts ice on Jake~
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Default Re: Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce Chapter 8

Vrak: Oh can you really little boy blue....

*Laughs and runs at Noah*

*Counters and starts trying to fight pass Vrak to get mine and Jake's morphers*

Oh no you don't blue ranger.

*Kicks him away*


I'm not finished yet.

*Gets up and Kicks him*

Whoa I didn't know I had that in me.

*Stumbles back*

Lucky hit...it won't happen again.

*Charges at Noah*

Thinking were can he be.

*Defends off the attack*


*Drops the morphers next to my feet but keeps fighting*

~In my Green Ranger suit, blasts Vrak form behind~

*Sees the morphers*

Looks like you dropped something.

*Kicks Vrak away*

I'll be taking that.

*picks up my morpher while standing over Jake's.

Noah were are you.

*Stumbles back*

Nooo....this can't be.

Believe it....Go Go Megaforce!


I'm ok Troy...just taking care of business.


Your going to pay for that.

*Summons Loogies*

Loogies attack.

~Blasts the Loogies~.

Noah do you need back up.

Yeah let me get the door.

*Flips over at the controls*

This looks like the right button.

*Pushes it and the door opens*

Come on guys its party time.

*Goes back to fighting Loogies*.

Runs in grabs my morpher gets my card inserts it.

Go Go Megaforce! Megaforce red.

~Blasts some more Loogies~

Hey... let's have a splash!.

Dragon sword slashes Vrak.


*Hands Jake's morpher to Justin*

Take this back to Jake.

~Nods, teleports~.

*Emma keeps looking for Gia*

Gia where are you, Troy I haven't found Gia she might not be on this ship, Noah you ready to grab the morphers and go.

Keep looking.

~Lands back at Jake~

Here! You need this!.

You may have your precious black rangers morpher back but you will never get your yellow ranger back.


Well get her back whether you like it or not.


You and the rest of the rangers will be destroyed if you like it or not....soon Malkor will be back and he will have the new and improved yellow ranger.


*Looks down*

Gia...no...what are you perquisites doing to her?

Vrak I'm sick of your games what do you want.

This is all my fault,

*Pulls out my Phoenix shot and fires at Vrak*

No it's not Emma.

If it wasn't for me she would've stayed with us.

*Puts hands into fists and punches the ground*

Hugs her.

Why did it have to happen to her.

Vark is a fool don't let him get to you.

I will Handle him while you and Noah get Gia.

We don't know where she is.

We will find her I promise.

No I will find her....

*Points at Vrak*

You can't keep her away from us especially me.

*Looks at Noah*

We don't know where she is or if she's coming back.


Foolish rangers you will never see your friend again.... and the next time you see me I will have Malkor and the yellow ranger with me.

*Laughs and disappears*

Oh no he's gone and so is my best chances at getting Gia back.

*Runs off*


Troy you should go find Noah I'll stay here if they come back with Gia.

Alright be careful hugs her.

I will I'll call you guys if I need you.

Ok we will be waiting.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce Chapter 9

*Back on the Warstar out comes an new and more powerful Malkor*

Vrak get in here!!!

Vrak: *Enters in the room with Malkor*

Yes Malkor.

Malkor: Is the yellow ranger ready for battle?

Vrak: Yes Malkor she will do as she told.

Malkor: You had better be right or you both shall meet my wrath.

Vrak: Don't worry your plan will work and the rangers as well as the human race will fall.

Malkor: Let's go and bring the yellow ranger with you.

Vrak: Yes Malkor.

*Goes to earth with the yellow ranger*

*Emma was sitting down in the park looking at her camera and all the pics she had with Gia as well as the video's of them*

Gia I miss our friendship.

Jogging sees Emma and asks whats wrong.

I miss Gia and I know Noah does to, just as much as everyone else.

I know it's hard hugs her.

*Hugs back*

Yeah once we get her back I'm going after him alone.

No your not.

Try me he messed with the wrong ranger and my best friend no one uses my best friend against us.

*Sitting in the classroom thinking about all the good times we had together*

I never had a best friend but just relax.

*Shows up outside the school scaring all the students and attacking them*

*Pulls out my morpher*

Noah it's Emma umm I think you need to look outside.

*Walks over to the window and looks outside*

Oh no he's here....at the school Emma I can slow him down you guys just get here.

Pulls mine gets my card puts it in the morpher.

Go Go Megaforce.

Alright Troy and I are on our way be careful.

*Pulls out my morpher and card*

Go Go Megaforce,

*We run to the school*

Ha ha ha power rangers come out come out whereever you are.

*Shoots an energy ball at the building*

Stop right there.

*Pulls out my weapon and fires*,

Noah were outside the school.

*Inserts my change card*


*Morphs as I run outside*

Noah thank god your here shall we work together.

Were going to have to in order to bring this creep down.

Like thats going to help you rangers.


Give me your best shot.

I'll go first.

*Fires up my weapon and runs at him attacking him*

Where is our friend.

*Defends off the attack*

I'm barely breaking a sweat.

*Swats you away like a pink fly*


*Goes flying just missing Noah and lands on the ground hard*

*Runs to Emma*

Em you ok.

Yeah I am he's gotten strogner.

My turn.

*Summons sharkbow gun and charges at Malkor*

Pulls my weapon card dargon sword slashes him hard.

*Emma manages to get to her knees*

Bring it on rangers give me your best shot.

*Blocks and counters and does a spin attack knocking everyone away*

*He gets there*

I missed a lot.

*He grabs his power card and morpher*

Go Go Megaforce!

*He puts it in and morphs*

Noah we have to work together to take him down.

Falls gets up says that all you got hits him again.

*Gets knocked down and gets up slowly*

Yeah Emma is right....we have to work together.

So let's try it together.


You puny rangers are no match for me....Vrak! get down here with our secret weapon!.

*Looks Noah and Troy*

Secret weapon.

Guys I don't like the sound of that...we have to strike now while he's distracted....Troy I think its time to go ultra.

I agree let's go ultra.

*Looking up into the sky*

Vrak its time....bring our surprise guest.

Look up everyone remain calm.

We are calm just have to be careful.

Shows up with Vrak, Blasts them and stands next to Malkor and Vrak.

*Goes down*

What the, Gia what are you doing.


Emma you take Malkor Noah see if you can get Gia back Vrak I'm ending you runs at him dargon sword slashes him.

~Back at base~

Come on guys!.

He's to strong for me, it's best I take Gia.

You sure you can handle me.

I'll handle you.

*Pulls out my blaster and points it at her*

Let's see what you got wait a minute there are 2 rangers missing but one in particular.

Yeah they should be here soon.

*Keeps my blaster pointed at you*

Don't make me use this.

Em i know you will never use it on me.

Try me backstabber.

No calling me names and i'm not a backstabber.

Go take out the pink ranger first.


I can take out the red ranger.

*Summons the meteor strike and fires it at the red ranger*

*Summons my sharkbow gun and jumps in the line of fire out of no where taking the hit*


*Drops to my knees and falls*

Justin works with Gosei to get everything ready in the Command Center.

"Teleport Noah here!".

Looks at Malkor Why don't you do it i'm not going to hurt them especially Noah i could never hurt them and i never will Runs over to him helps him up Are you ok.

Dodges runs at him slashing him.

Sure you are and to ever think we were best friends, Malkor your going down and so is Vrak I'm not playing around anymore

Points it and fires at Malkor*

You turn her back or I destroy both of you, Gia Noah will be fine help him to his feet.

Helps you to your feet how bad does it hurt taking that shot for Troy.

Gia is that you....what about the brain wash Malkor put you through.

*Starts to drift off from the pain*.

Yes it's me i can fight it stay with me until Vrak and Malkor leave.

Troy can you handle Vrak,

*Keeps firing at Malkor*

Turn her back you ugly moth, Gia teleport him back to the command center.


Aww....little pink ranger and her empty threats....do you really think you can beat me...yellow ranger get over here now!! Vrak finish off those pesty rangers.

Vrak: As you wish Malkor.

Fires at Vrak and than aims at Malkor*

Make me you ugly moth.

Please stay with me i need you cause if i get hurt Troy is gonna have to carry me back forget it i'm never going back over to you.

Vrak i'm ending you slashes him 3 times.

Like you have a choice.... Vrak is the device ready.

Vrak: Yes Malkor.

Hands it to him Here.

*Takes the device*

Your coming with me one way or another.

*Activates the device causing pain on the yellow ranger*.

*Groaning in pain and coughing trying to stay awake*.

Noah you rest I've got this covered,

*Points it towards Malkor*

Stop hurting her you ugly moth.

*Blasts him more*.

*Swats away the blasts and cranks up the power causing more pain*

The more she resists and you try to fight me the more power I increase to harm your precious yellow ranger.

What do you want me to do than kick your butt without my weapon or are you scared to be beat by a girl.

*Passes out*.

Kicks Vrak.

Emma get Noah to safty.

*Sighs and runs over to him*

Noah wake up we need you, Gia needs you.

*Helps him to the building and bandages his wounds*

You beat me pink ranger....ha how about this you face me one on one and if you can defeat me I will leave your little yellow ranger alone but if you try to trick me then I will crank it up to full power how about that.

Deal Troy finish off Vrak and stay with Noah, Gia how do you feel.

Vrak: *Takes the hit and falls*

Ahhh....red ranger you going to pay for that.

*Fires a energy blasts at the red ranger*.

Emma don't.

This is bad Noah's passed out Gia is gone i had it Vrak your a chicken.

Sorry Gia it's either this or we lose you go to Noah, alright Malkor you ugly insect let's do this.

Vrak: Malkor since you get the pink ranger then I will take out the red one.


How about that....no interference or else.

*Pulls out my weapon and goes ultra mode*

Ultra mode activate, alright Malkor let's end this.

Gosei blaster shoots it as he goes out cold.

You won't lose me i can fight this no matter how hard he can go.

Gia go stay with Noah please this moth is pissing me off.

I can't not as long as he has control over me even if he cranks it up it won't hurt me that much.

Lets do this pink ranger....

Vrak: *jumps up out of the way and fires a blast of my own at the red ranger*

*Charges up my powers and attacks firing and running towards you*

Ducks as i grab him throws him in the air slashes him down.

Yellow ranger when I'm done with her I'm coming for you.

*Summons meteor strike and fires it at the pink ranger*

~Reappears and blocks it~

Oh no you don't!.

No you won't cause i'm never going back there or with you.

*Blocks the attack* That all you got.

~Justin goes to look for Noah~.

*Sees Justin*

Justin over by the building.

*Sees the battle and drives over to get Noah*

Come on pal let me get you out of here.

*Helps Noah in my jeep and drives off without anyone seeing me*

~Looks over~

Huh? Tommy!.

Justin help Troy I'll be fine.


~Goes over to Troy~

Hey man Need a hand?.

Vrak: Stay out of it your breaking our deal...if you but in again the whole city will be destroyed.

*Points up showing the Warstar*

Don't make me crash our ship into your planet.

No it won't you will never destroy this city.

Vrak: You want to push your luck or are you going to call off little boy green over here.

I thought Malkor meant interferring with him and me you ugly insect, he's not little.

Justin Vrak is mine.

Gia how are you feeling, alright Malkor show me what you can do or are you scared.

Vrak: Red ranger lets finish this once and for all.

*Shoots a blast at the red ranger*.

Don't worry about me if they keep it up i'm kicking their butts.

Your asking for it pink ranger.

*Summons plantary blasts and fires at the pink ranger*

Ducks runs fast slashing him so hard that he falls.

*Tries to hold off the attack with my weapon and keep smy balance as I unlease my Phoenxi power and fires*

*Takes Noah to my secret lab away from the battle so he can rest*

Emma catch Throws you my tiger claw they know i am never going back there.

*Catches it*

Thanks Gia,

*Holds it and waits*.

~Goes over to Troy~

Hold on man!.

That's impossible...no way you could of survive that attack....I under estimate you rangers.

You always do villain!.

I'm not weak I'm strong and when it comes to my home and nature I do what ever I can to save it so your going down and when I beat you return her back.

*Uses the Tiger Claw*

Vrak: Ahh...

*Falls on the ground*

You have to do better then that red ranger...

*Gets up*

Now Vrak you hand over Gia.


~Charges and spins as I attack him with my weapon~.

Justin can you keep searching for Noah cause he's not here i still can't lose him where ever he is.

Vrak: Foolish red ranger I don't have your precious yellow ranger that would be Malkor but I'm going to end you you once and for all.

He is safe with Tommy.


Laughs uses my blaster sword slashes and shoots you.

Emma i know you can do it besides it doesn't hurt when he truns it up i'm tougher than he thinks.

You have to destroy me in order to do that pink ranger.


Now your going to witness my ultimate power.

*Summons both my meteor strike and plantery blasts and combines it firing it at the pink ranger*

*Tries to hold off the attack with my weapon and Tiger Claw but they fall to the ground*

This isn't good.

*I think and pull out my Phoenix shot and tries to block it*.

*Keeps firing the ultra blasts*.

*Tries to keep dodging and tries to fire back*.

Vrak: Ahh.

*Falls on the ground but gets back up*

I'm not finish yet red ranger....

*Keeps coming at the red ranger*.

Come on Em you can do this don't worry even if you keep trying he won't hurt me.

*Energy level is starting to go weak but I keep firing the ultra blasts*

Slashes him harder.

*Keeps firing blast after blast trying to keep going*

I'm not giving up yet you big ugly moth.

Gosei: *Contacts both Emma and Troy*

Troy you have to go ultra to defeat Vrak once and for all or he will just adapt and get stronger and Emma here is a new power card but it can only be use once use it to combine your phoniox shot and Gia's Tiger claw together to form a duel victory charge.

Thanks Gosei I'm getting tired.

*Gets the power and combines it with my Phoenix shot and Gia's Tiger claw and fires it towards Malkor*

Say good bye loser insects.

*Tries to counter it with my ultra blast but is to weak and takes the full hit*

Ahhh impossible.

*Falls blowing up*

Storm power ultra mega force red flames of the dargon shoot my blasts at Vrak.

Vrak: Come on red ranger you have to be stronger then that.

*Laughs as I slash the red ranger*

*Emma falls to the ground exhausted*.

~Runs over to Emma~


Please tell me he's gone for good.


No Emma.

Slashes Vrak breaking his sword slashing him hard runs to her.

"Gosei, get us out of here!".

I need to go look for Noah i just hope they are gone for good.

Vrak: Nooo...my sword.

*Takes the hit*


*Falls to the ground but gets back up*

Come on you have to do better then that red ranger.

Justin get Emma out of here.

Slashes him again.

*Emma lays there and whispers weakly*

Where's Gia, and Troy.

~Nods, teleports with Emma to the Command Center~.

Gosei: *Teleports Emma back to the command center along with Gia and Justin*

Contacts Troy;

Troy use your fire storm victory charge on Vrak.

Gia is ...still up there Troy is still fighting.

I tried my hardest but he almost defeated me, any word on Noah.

Noah is with Tommy, healing.

I'm just so weak and tired, Gia's not gonna forgive me.

Puts my fire storm victory charge in and activates it as i hit Vrak.


*Takes a direct hit blowing up*.

You did all you could do.

Now Malkor its your turn.

Yeah but it almost caused Gia to be pure evil.

*Starts to cry just a little and turns away as I try to sit up but just lays there*

Justin can you bring Troy back I don't feel so good.

Troy are you sure they are both gone for good.

Gosei: Rangers I am picking up the blue rangers morpher some where in the woods...go now.

On my way go to the woods.

Gosei are you sure he's ok he took a hard hit.

Gosei: His morpher is fine but you have to find him...he's in the woods somewhere.

*I slowly get to my feet*

Alright teleport me out of here and to the woods so I can meet the others.

Gosei: No Emma you and Gia need to stay here to rest.

Gosei: *Teleports Troy and Justin to the woods*.

*I sit down and go in my bag for water and hands one to Gia*.

Alright Gosei were to.

*Is in my secret lab still healing Noah*.

Are you sure they are gone for good cause something doesn't feel right.

*Picks up another morpher signal in the woods*

Let me go see who it is wait here pal.

*Runs out into the woods*.

She can't be and never will Her will is too strong.

Looks around.

*Waits there on the table resting*.

*Sees 2 more teens looking around in my woods*

Hey you kids what you 2 doing in my woods.

Look were looking for our firend he wears black glasses.

Em something doesn't feel right.

Black glasses huh does he also wear a blue blazer?.

Yes his name is Noah.

I think I know where your friend is at follow me it's not safe out here.

How do i know i can trust you.

What's wrong Gia.

Just follow your heart and instinct and trust I will bring you to your friend.

Vrak isn't gone he's still alive.

*Looks at her*

How do you know this.

Tensou: But I watched him go down right before my eyes.

*Moves away from her*

What about Malkor he's gone isn't he.

Gosei: Yes Tensou Vrak did go down but there is another force that can bring him back.

Alright follows.

Malkor is but Vrak isn't he was the one who put me in the machine when Malkor was in his cocoon i'm still connected to him even when Malkor is gone.

Gosei: Yes Malkor is gone but there is a bigger threat to where Vrak can be brought back to life stronger than ever.

Gosei is there away to get Gia unconnected to Vrak, and he's using Gia's mind to bring himself back.

Gosei: No Emma Gia is free from Malkor's control but there are other ways I'm afraid to where Vrak can come back.

*Looks down and tries not to cry not facing Gia*

Gia I'm sorry for calling you a backstabber and not my friend, I know you won't forgive me for that so if you have something to say please say it.

*Leads Troy to a secret entrance*

Now kid you have to promise me not to say a word about this place to anyone you got that.

I did take something from him on the Warstar which he doesn't know but when Malkor used the device before he challenged you to fight when he turned it up the pain was to much my head is about to explode.

I promise not to say anything.

Just say it, I'm a lousy friend, I don't deserve a friend like you and whatever else you have to say.

*Looks at her and than at Gosei*

I'm sorry I can't do this.

*Hands Gia my morpher, Gosei teleport me to the forest please, if Troy asks tell him I'm at home.

Ok let's go in.

*Leads you inside to where Noah is*.

Sees Noah.

Are you ok.

Em don't this isn't about you it's about me if they come back just tell them where i went Hands you your morpher back your gonna need this.

Gia stay here and wait for Noah I have to get out of here I'm tired and don't feel good,

*I whisper in your ear*

I might be pregnant.

You gotta tell Troy wait for them to come back i have to go find something.

No I can't he doesn't even know, Gosei can you teleport me please, Gia don't tell him please.

Yes your friend is fine...now explain who and what were you kids doing out there in the first place and what is this.

*Shows you his morpher*

Were the power rangers we went into battle Noah got hurt please give it back.

So you guys are the new power rangers huh.

Back in my younger days I was one too.

Wait your Tommy.

Yeah that would be me but I go by Dr. Oliver now.

Noah let's go.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Megaforce Chapter 10

Troy gets to Noah and meets the man who came to his rescue to heal him....the mysterious man turns out to be a power ranger legend...Troy and Noah leave together in the woods but get jumped by Cyborg Vrak and Metal Alice..

*Shoots out a blast to stop the red and blue rangers in their tracks*

Ha ha ha look Alice...2 rangers right at our mercy.

*Laughs some more*.

*Back at the Command Center, Gia left to find something while Emma sits there with Gia's backpack and looks in it*

Gosei she has his plans for a weapon and some pieces of the warstar,

*Thinks I wonder how Noah is doing and when there coming back as she rubs her stomach*.

Goes down Ahhh.

Lets get them Alice.

Alice: Yes master.

*Both of us charge in on both blue and red*.

Gets up Go Go MegaForce dragon sword card activate slashes them.

Gosei should I call and see if they need help.

*Alice takes the hit while Vrak strikes you right back*.

Gosei: Emma go help Troy and Noah but be careful remember Noah is still weak so its just you and Troy for now until the others show up.

Alright Gosei.

*Runs out of the command center and runs to where Noah and Troy are*

Go Go Megaforce,

*Pulls my card through and inserts my phoenix card as I blast them*.

Gosei: Gia, Jake the other rangers need you go now.

Leave my friends alone

*Keeps blasting them*.

*Alice jumps in front of me taking each hit for me*

Step aside Alice...

*Fires my cannons at the pink ranger*.

Slashes Vrak you should have been destroyed.

*I dodge the attack*

Noah you alright you need to rest a while.

Was walking and saw them fighting stops, morphs and blasts them.

Guess again red ranger takes more then a few cheap shots to take us down.

This time you will be gone for good slashes more.

*Both of us take the hit*

Oh look its the yellow ranger...perfect.

*Laughs as I leave Alice*.

*Alice defends off the attack from the red ranger*.

*Uses my phoenix header and blasts*

Your gonna wish you never came back.

Slashes her hard 4 times.

*Alice goes down hard*

*Vrak activates the device from behind a building turning the yellow ranger once again against her friends*.

Charges again slashing Alice hard.

*Looks at Gia*

Gia think about this, Troy when we all get back I have to tell you something.

Alice retreat and make the repairs that you need...the yellow ranger will take care of them.

*Alice disappears*

Yellow ranger...come forth and take care of the rangers.


*Walks over to Noah*

Noah how do you feel, Troy we have to try not to fight Gia.

Vrak this isn't over.

Walks over to him blasts them.

Looks, blocks standing in front of Emma and Noah.

Gia stop look at me, please don't do this, Noah's still weak do you really want to hurt him,

*Has my blaster in my hand and points it at her*

Gia don't make me blast you, Troy umm I have to tell you something.


Do it...do it.

*Gia you leave me with no choice, blasts her*.


Umm well you and the others don't know this and Gia does, I'm pregnant.

*A man in a cloak comes in out of nowhere and slashes Cyborg Vrak making him drop the device breaking it*.

What looks at Emma.

You heard me.


*The hand that had the device gets cut off*

Who are you.

Hugs Emma.

*Hugs back*

Only 5 weeks.

*Takes the cloak off and reveals that I am another ranger*

I'm your worst nightmare....I'm the green ranger.

*Gets in my fighting stance*.


No it can't be.

Demorphed, gets to my feet slowly standing holding my head.

I'm sorry Gia you had it coming.

It's happening again but where Malkor left off my head feels like it's gonna explode again.

There has to be something Gosei can do to help.

I don't want to hurt you or the others especially Noah he already got hurt when he took that hit for Troy i almost lost him i'm gonna destroy Vrak for everything him and Metal Alice did.

No Gia not alone at least let me help you.

I want to do this on my own how is Noah doing you know i was with him the whole time Malkor wanted me to go back to him i'm not going to lose him again.

He's weak Gia he can't fight and he'd want you with him to be by his side til he can get his strength back.

I just wish he didn't take that hit should have blocked it then he would be able to fight.

I know you need to talk to him about that ask him why he didn't block the hit.

We will meet again green ranger...Alice come back here and take care of the green ranger.

*Alice shows back up*

Alice: As you wish master.

*Alice charges at the green ranger...while Vrak disappears to make repairs*.

Vrak I will destroy you.

Well I guess the man machine is to chicken so he let a female machine do his dirty work.

*Gets ready to fight Alice*.

*Powers down and sees Noah*

Noah how do you feel we need to get you back to Gosei plus you and Jake are the only ones who don't know Troy and I are expecting.

Em can you and Jake watch him and stay with him cause i know this isn't over yet i have a bad feeling about this.

I'm fine...just help me up....I need to finish this.

*Tries to get up*.

It doesn't matter who you think you are green ranger...your still a ranger and you will go down like no other.

*Engages into a fight with the green ranger*.

*Draws out my dragon dagger and starts countering her attacks*.

Your good green ranger but can you handle this.

*Turns sword into my blaster and starts firing at the green ranger*.

*Plays dragon flute to activate my shield making the blast bounce back at Alice*.

Ahhh....what is this power.

*Falls on the ground*.

It's one of the great abilities of being the green ranger...

*Jumps and flips around slashing Alice*.

*Gets sent flying back and back on the ground*

This can't be...I'm suppose to be unstoppable.

Nothing can be more stronger than the forces of good.

Tommy wait.

Noah you can't your still weak.

*Helps you up*.

*Gets up hold my ribs*

I can help...

*Coughs holding my ribs*.

No you can't Noah you took a heard hit and almost fractured your ribs.

What red ranger...we have to finish her off now while she's weak.

Toghter we slash her.

I'm not finish yet rangers....

*Charges in*.

*Jumps up and flips around with my dragon dagger hitting Alice*.

Slashes with my sword.

Noah you need to rest til your strong again, Gia can stay with you, plus you and Jake are the only ones who don't know my good news.

*Takes the hit from both rangers and gets knocked down*.

*Drops back down*

Wow he hits hard.

Red ranger in order to truly beat her you and your friends need to combine your weapons.

They are to hurt.

Yes he does Noah but you need to rest your still recovering and Gia needs you more than ever.

*Sits on the ground*

I suppose your right.

*Hugs you as to not hurt you*

You'll be ok you and Gia should talk, Troy and I are expecting.

It's the only way....you guys need to combine now.

*Continues to fight Alice to distract her*.


*Tries to hug back*



It's ok you need to rest, here drink this.

*I hand you some water*.

How Noah's hurt my wife is pregnant with a child so i don't know how.

*Looks at him*

Troy I'm only 6 weeks I can still fight til I start showing.

I'm fine Troy. I can fight.

*Looks at sees Jake*

Glad to have you with us, Gia stay with Noah I'll help them.

*Stayed sitting on the ground*

Hey Em before you go here.

*Hands you my weapon card*

Use this to activate my sharkbow gun to combine....the weapons....I heard the green ranger mention something about it.

*Fighting with the green ranger*

Come on green ranger is that all you got.

No there is more where that come from.

*Keeps slashing her*

Rangers any time now.

*Takes the card and goes over to them*

Guys let's put them together Noah gave me his card.

*Inserts my card as my weapon appears and than uses Noah's card and adds his weapon*

*Stayed on the ground holding my ribs coughing* Man I wish I can help but at-least my weapon can help instead *Watches*.

Rangers Ready.

I'm ready when ever you guys are.

*Still fighting Alice*.

Victory charge card puts it in fires at her.

Ready let's do this.

Here is a little green power for ya.

*Catches the blast with my dagger and flings it at her for more power*.

Evil always loses.

*We watch as the powers head towards her*.

*Takes a direct hit*

Noooo....this cant' be.

*Falls on the ground*


*Blows up*.

That's a mega win.

*Vrak's zombolts appear making her grow*

You rangers didn't beat me yet.

I'll handle it from here rangers....Watch this.

*Plays the flute summoning Dragon Zord*.

Ooo...a zord to crush.

*Attacks the dragon zord*.

We have to use the zords.

I don't think so...dragon Zord use your dragon missiles.

*Plays the flute activating missiles and firing at Alice*.


*Direct hit and falls on the ground*

Lucky shot green ranger.

Puts my dargon zord in my morpher activating it.

Ok rangers I'm going to need more power than I thought to put her away.

*Pulls out my shark zord card and put in my morpher*

Shark zord......activate.

*Shark zord comes to join the party and I passout from the pain*.

*Gets up shaky*

You rangers can't beat me.

*Lunges at the red dragon zord*.

Blasts her hard.

Em i see his shark zord but i don't see him.

*Lays on the ground not moving*.

*Takes the hit and gets knocked back*.

Do you rangers have a megaZord cause you might want to use it right about now.

*Plays the flute activating dragon drill attack catching her again*.

Hits Her more.

Gia go help Noah,

*Puts my card in*

Phoenix zord activate Troy we have to hurry.



*Gets back up and fires my blaster at the rangers*.

*Stands and blocks it*.

Em you and Troy are the only 2 who can pilot the megazord Stands in front of Noah.

I know Gia just keep Noah safe, Troy use the megazord with Tommy's help I'll handle Vrak.

Foolish pink ranger....my master isn't here.


But soon you won't be.

*Charges at the rangers*.

*Counter with tail attack again*

Rangers hurry and combine.

You won't get rid of us that easily.

*Charges at him with my phoneix shot*

We put them together Vitroy charge hits her.

*Follows the attack up with my dragon missiles*.

*Takes the direct hit*

Nooo...not again.....master...I....failed you.

*Falls blowing up*.

*Drops to my knees and starts to glow while my dragon zord goes back to it hiding place*

Whats happening to me....

*Holds my chest from the pain*.

*Looks at him as I continue to attack Vrak*

Troy help Tommy.

I thought they were permanent not temporary.

Ahhhh....whats happening to me....

*Gets up to my feet and teleports back to my lab*.

Guys get Noah back to Gosei now.

Why I'm not done with Vrak.

Just get him back now.

*Still out cold*.

Whatever, Vrak I'll deal with you later.

*Gets back to my lab and demorphs*

Whoa...I thought I worked out the bugs in this morpher.

*Looks at it and puts it into my scanner*.

Power down.
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