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Default Hexagons and Civil Wars

Captain America: Civil War will be out in a couple of months. So I thought now would be a good time to revisit the topic of the Hexagon Project and the concept of a Power Rangers Civil War.

I think it is safe to say that everyone knows what the Hexagon Project was suppose to be. (If you don't, here is the link: http://amitbhaumik.tumblr.com/post/38658236644/hexagon) I talked about it a very long time ago on The Tavern (https://youtu.be/f0loc4fgqlw) and I would say that my thoughts have changed, given what we are looking at for CACW (I guess that's the proper abbreviation). While the original Civil War in the comics focused on super hero registration, the new film will be talking about the regulation of super heroes. Something that the Hexagon Project was to touch upon, the regulation or organization of Power Rangers. Tommy being on the pro regulation side and Jason being on the anti-regulation side, with Tommy eventually being in the wrong and the Hexagon collapsing under its own weight. (Or at least that is my interpenetration).

In any case, this opens up a number of possibilities of what a Power Rangers Civil War could mean. If we look to the Hexagon Project and CACW as templates for this hypothetical situation, the question becomes on what would divide the Power Ranger teams and what side each would pick. It seems to me that if were to do a Power Rangers Civil War today (2016ish), you would almost have to base the conflict around regulation of Power Rangers on Earth/elsewhere.

By the nature of Power Rangers, they are always a team, very few if any rouge rangers or independent rangers (Phantom Ranger, etc). Even when there are evil rangers, they are always a team. So regulation of Power Rangers would have to be on a team scale, mainly, that the entire team would be on one side or another. Ideally you would want to have teams based on an individual basis and what each individual wants or needs. But if there were to be a Civil War, it would be "this team on this side" and not "this ranger on this side", if that makes any sense. Such as, you wouldn't have Joel and Kelsey from Lightspeed Rescue on the pro-regulation side while the other rangers are on the anti-regulation side. It would be Lightspeed on one side or the other, not splitting them up. Granted, the definition of a civil war is "brother vs brother" and the topic of regulation is so far reaching that you could split the rangers up based on that, but for these purposes, I think having whole teams is the best way to go. Unless you want to list what side all 100+ rangers would be on. This is for fun so I'm not saying you have to do it one way or another, but rather just giving a format to follow.

Regulation would have to be instituted on a global scale, if not a galactic scale. Keep in mind that there are ranger teams from other planets (Triforia, Aquatar, and Mirinoi), so regulation of Power Rangers would have to be done on a scale much larger than Earth itself. Although the regulation could be limited to Earth itself, keeping the other teams out of the conversation. But then you would have to talk about a unifying Federation or Alliance between planets to even agree on Power Rangers regulation, granted you could get them together in the first place on other galactic topics.

What I'm (eventually) getting to is to talk about what side each ranger team would be on based on the idea that some galaxy alliance decides that Power Rangers must be regulated by either this hypothetical alliance or regulated planet to planet. Along with that, Power Ranger teams find themselves in conflict with these new rules of regulation, which of course would limit the very nature of being a Power Ranger team, particularly those teams who have no mentor or tie to government organizations. Now that is a big assumption, given that the Rangers choose not to self regulate, which is, again, the whole plot to Hexagon, but I would rather look at the idea of Power Rangers being forced into a conflict by relegation of outside organizations.

The idea of regulation, as I said, if far reaching, and for these purposes, I want to look at is as the Power Rangers being responsible for the collateral damage they cause (in areas other than the empty warehouse district) and who is in charge of telling the rangers what to do. Given that many of the Power Ranger teams works with no real authority and can be labeled as vigilantes, we have to think about how it would be if the rangers all had to follow under the rules of governments.

Additionally, you can't add Time Force, SPD, or RPM into the equation. As Time Force (except for Wes, Eric, and possibly Jen) are all in the future, SPD is also in the future, and RPM is in a universe that has bigger problems to worry about than Power Rangers regulation. Turbo I'm going to look at as the Robot Rangers for these purposes too.

So based on all that, here is what I think a Power Rangers Civil War lineup would look like. And I'm not going to balance out the teams, just put them where I think they should be.

Pro Regulation:
Lost Galaxy
Lightspeed Rescue
Wes and Eric
Ninja Storm
Jungle Fury
Dino Charge

Mighty Morphin
Wild Force
Dino Thunder
Mystic Force
Operation Overdrive

Now to be clear, this is my line up, based on my interpretations of the characters and my idea of regulation. Not to mention I will be making some assumptions based on things that may not be well defined or clear within the series proper.

My Pro Regulation side is based on the idea that government bodies regulation or keeping ranger teams in check is a positive and that the ranger teams in question value that idea and think it is the best way of proceeding in defending Earth. I just have a feeling (no real evidence) that I think the Alien and Turbo/Robot Rangers would be pro regulation. Again, just a feeling on my part, but if I had to justify it, I would say it is because they both see the value of larger organizations and teaming up to better handle problems. Lost Galaxy would be pro because of their ties to the GSA and the militaristic nature of some of their members. Plus this was the team that wanted the Magna Defender to join, a ranger/hero that was left unchecked and almost killed everyone on Terra Venture. They would value regulation of rangers to prevent another Magna Defender incident. Lightspeed Rescue would be pro because, well... they are already part of a government organization. Wes and Eric (and again possibly Jen) would be pro because of the realization on how better origination and resources would help fighting evil. Although Jen and the future rangers may disagree as Time Force was more of a hindrance than a help during their time in 2001. Ninja Storm and Jungle Fury already belong to secret martial arts societies that likely have regulation of their own, and I would think that they would be drawn to the pro side. Out of all of these teams, I think the one that could sway either was is Dino Charge, yet, I do think they would be on the pro side, as regulation and greater resources would look as a benefit to their efforts. Plus, given the fact that the prince of a sovereign nation is a member of the team, it seems reasonable that they would swing in the pro regulation side.

Anti-regulation would be those ranger teams who have worked independently in the past and see no reason to really have regulate their actions. The Mighty Morphin to Zeo rangers would be here because they have felt no need in the past for regulation and have always fallen back on the advice of their mentors. What would regulation of ranger teams do for them that they can't do themselves? The Space Rangers would also be the under the same umbrella because of their independent status and what they were able to accomplish without regulation. True, a regulated Power Rangers force during Countdown to Destruction would have helped, but I don't think that is enough to say opinion. Wild Force and Dino Thunder would certainly want to remain independent. Wild Force look at government interference as counter productive to what they are doing and the Dino Thunder teens perhaps being rebellious to authority (even though they are adults by this time). Mystic Force would see no need to have regulation given that, to them, being a ranger is regulated by fate/higher power or whatever and it wouldn't make sense ideologically for them to regulate. I look at Overdrive as being anti mainly because of Hartford. It just seems to me that someone with that wealth would not want the government to interferer in his affairs, not to mention I think the other rangers would agree, as I see them all being wealthy in one way or another. Tyzonn may be the lone exception to the anti-side, but again, we are talking about whole teams. Samurai would look at being anti because they also feel that the responsibility of being a ranger is a familial obligation and that it is ultimately their family's responsibility to fight the Nighlock. This is something that played out with Antonio in the series, but I would say given their upbringing and elitism, they would be on the side of the anti. Finally Megaforce would be anti simply because I think they are too cocky and arrogant and feel that they work just fine without any regulation.

So yeah, I took a long time to talk about nothing, but I wanted to give you guys my thoughts on a potential Civil War with Power Rangers and see what everyone things as being possible. Do you agree with my choices? What side would you put each ranger team on?
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Default Re: Hexagons and Civil Wars

A Power Rangers civl wars series would be a small deal. There would be only two teams of 3 rangers in this. One team is government controlled, while the second team would be working with only 1 mentor. The two teams would be racing to get to fight the bad guys first. Later in the series, the two teams would have to work together even though they would remain rivals.
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