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Default Fan Edits.

So lately I have been watching fan edits where people take footage from Power Rangers, and Super Sentai, and edit it to look like something happened in the show that didn't in some cases making whole new episodes out of it.

For instance they'll take a Super Sentai mecha fight that was never in Power Rangers but they'll edit it to make it look like they did use it in Power Rangers.

Or they'll take a monster from one Sentai, and a mecha from another but edit it to make it look like they're fighting each other I.E. the Shogun megazord fighting either a season 1 or season 2 monster even though their from different Sentai shows.

Well I've been thinking of doing a similar thing with VR Troopers where I take certain scenes and edit them to make it look like something happened that didn't in the actual show either simply changing an existing scene or creating a new one altogether.

For instance I'll take the Battle Grid fight from Kaitlin's Front Page, and cut out the last 7 seconds and replace them with clips from the Battle Grid fights in Searching for Tyler Steele, and A Dirty Trick to make it look like they showed Kaitlin being defeated in Battle Grid mode in Kaitlin's Front Page.

Another thing is take Secret Admirer, and clips from the Battle Grid fights from Kaitlin's Front Page, Searching for Tyler Steele, A Dirty Trick, and The Dojo Plot and make it look like Secret Admirer has a Battle Grid segment with just Kaitlin.

One thing I'm also thinking of doing if I can figure it out is taking footage from various Battle Grid fights to edit it to make it look like there's Battle Grid fights with only two Troopers in Battle Grid mode for instance going back to Secret Admirer I'd take footage from The Virtual Spy, No One's Friend, and The Transmutant, and maybe other episodes to make it look like there's a Battle Grid fight with just Ryan, and JB.

My questions are though

A) Is that legal? Does Saban entertainment care if I do that. For instance what if I just make edited scenes but not whole episodes?

B) What's a good program to use, and what are some good editing techniques I can use?
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fan edits

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