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Default Sincerely Yours (A Kirommy Story)

Sincerely Yours
Chapter One: Coming Home

Note: I do not own the characters, they belong to Disney and the songs mentioned belong to a variety of bands. I'll list them as they come.
Timeline: A year after Dino Thunder ended
Rating: PG13 (Language, adult themes)
Pairing: Triangle

"Looking Back I Don't Regret
One Single Day
-Patiently by Emma Lahana

Doctor Thomas Oliver wrapped up his lecture of his last period science class as the bell rang. His class stared back at him with renewed alertness as the bell shocked them back into consciousness.

"For tomorrow, I would like you to read chapter 8 and if I quiz you on it, don't be surprised," he announced, smiling as they groaned. As the class filed out he collected his papers and stacked them into his briefcase. As he left his classroom he locked the door and headed for the facility parking lot. Climbing into his black jeep he started the car and put on his seatbelt.

Driving from the school to the secluded Valencia Drive was a long drive but it was worth it for the privacy and finally a place to call his own. When he had first bought the home in 2004 it didn't seem to fit him. He was used to a small town life but not used to living in seclusion. He had told himself over and over that this is what he needed, some day the power would return and his prediction was correct.

He had been chosen for another group of rangers, his very last. This was the team that changed him, this time he wasn't the teenager learning to cope with the duties to save the world but the wizened mentor teaching the generation to fight and survive. That had ended and now he was just a high school teacher, and that was just fine with him.

As he pulled into the driveway, he climbed out of his car, and walked up the porch. His stomach fluttered as he reached for the doorknob. Until she had come into his life, he didn't think he could find love again. She reminded him of the innocence and simple pleasure there could be in life. She was the woman he had been yearning for even when he was first interested in the opposite sex. Everyday he didn't know what to expect besides the fact that he would wake at her side every morning and have her at his side each night.

Opening the door, the scent of dinner cooking hit him first, a gentle tune being hummed from the kitchen. Setting down his brief case beside the table near the door, he hung up his leather coat on the rack and tossed his keys in the "key bowl" on the tabletop. He came closer to the kitchen to hear a gentle song being sung without the normal accompaniment of a guitar.

"Slip into my room, I'll slip into you
We can leave my little world
Oh, lead me to a better place" The song trailed off to a hum as he inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of chicken Parmesan filling nose.

"Hey you," he said as he walked into the kitchen, his girlfriend smiled and set down the knife she was using to cut a head of lettuce into two salads. She crossed to him and he immediately wrapped her in his arms and sighed in contentment. He closed his eyes and knew immediately that this was where he was meant to be. Only one word came to his mind as he held her in his arms, home. She was the reason he now considered his house a home. The day she moved in was the day he felt complete, that this was where his path in life had lead him.

They broke apart as the stove hissed and steamed. She let out a shriek as the pot of water, cooking the spaghetti noodles overflowed. Starchy water began to settle on the valley beneath the burner and the flames danced a viscous orange beneath the pan.

"No!" she half yelled, half laughed as she shot to the stove and turned off the burner.

"Sorry!" he apologized immediately, knowing he was the cause of her distraction.

"Its ok, don't worry, at least I didn't set the stove on fire again," she smiled over her shoulder as she began to mop up the starched water that had boiled over.

"Yeah, that was an experience in fire fighting," he said, unable to stop himself by walking up behind her, resting his hands on her hips and pulling her back against his body. His lips touched the top of her head and he closed his eyes and inhaled the scent of her shampoo and perfume, mixed with their dinner.

"I love you," she whispered, leaning into his embrace.

"I love you too," he responded, meaning every word.

"Now get out of the kitchen so I don't set the kitchen on fire from my distraction," she laughed, shooing him by smacking him lightly on the butt with a hand towel. He laughed and his lips sought hers before he turned and headed for the study to grade the papers he had assigned a pervious class.

Hours later after their routine of dinner, TV watching, and other works were done; they were lying in bed, she was cuddled to his side, her face resting on his bare chest. His hand ran lines across her bare shoulders. She sighed and scooted closer to his body, yearning to feel his skin against hers again.

"I love you," he told her, she laughed in his skin and leaned up to kiss him.

"I love you too. You're rather affectionate this evening baby, what's on your mind?" she asked, he sighed and lifted himself up to look into her eyes.

"Just that when I first moved here, I didn't consider this house my home, not until I met you and you were practically here 24 hours anyways. I was so happy when you agreed to move in, I finally had you to look forward to on the way home. Having you to come home to was something I was missing for a long time. Then when we became us, I knew this is all I've wanted in life. I love you Kira, I really do," he said, and then kissed her again.

"I love you too Tommy," Kira said and held him tight. "This is all I've wanted in life as well. Sharing a home with the man I love and knowing that I will love you always and forever," she stated. Tommy smiled and kissed her once again, unable to stop himself and not wanting to. After breaking the soft and tender kiss, he ran his fingertips over her face, knowing this is what his life was supposed to be.

"I will always be with you," he swore, staring deeply into her doe eyes. She smiled and then sighed in contentment as she settled back down into his arms and drifted to sleep. He lay awake for a few hours, holding her tight, trying to reassure himself that she was still there and feeling content to have her in his arms.
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cool story. but the street tommy's house is on doesn't end in road. it ends in drive. just thought you should know becuase the whole address is actually refrence to when the first pr episode was and like a bunch of other things.
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