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Default Masked Rider

Discuss your memories of Masked Rider?

I enjoyed it while it was on. It may have been more campy then Kamen Rider, but at least they went in a fresh direction. It was funny watching Dex tried to fit into Earth's society. The fight scenes were usually good. If not as top notch as Power Rangers. It was funny how they wrote the Stewarts as an adopted family. So they could have a very intergrated cast.
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Yeah, interesting talking about this show while thinking of the state of PR nowadays. Masked Rider took a major deviation from Kamen Rider Black RX, but I certainly didn't hate it. They were even daring enough to use Kamen Rider J (or was it ZO? I always those two mixed up) as Masked Rider for the battle scenes in the premiere. Not to mention the Kamen Rider footage had to be chopped up like crazy to fit with censorship.

Probably the one thing that bugs me about it watching the first episodes again was the ADR, which made Dex sound so sickeningly heroic you'd swear you were reading a fairy tale. But "The Invasion of Leawood" is still one of the best Toku adaptations I've ever watched, which turned out much more epic-feeling than the Black RX anniversary crossover.

I liked Masked Rider a lot more than Big Bad BeetleBorgs, that's for sure.
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If the show continued, he would have so hooked up with his sister.
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