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Default Power Rangers Legendary Battle

Because of the Legendary Battle happening this year and it airing in perhaps 2 months if that I decided to post this thread.

Now as we know teams have shared the same characters so I wanted your own thoughts on who should take on the powers of the Rangers that a character can't take on because he or she has another power. Keep in mind that you should keep the regular team as close to the actual show team as possible but in cases of needing a character to step in then you can count anyone that has appeared on the show that might be a good candidate to replace the character. Turbo's Robot Rangers can count but if you don't want to count them then you have to figure out what candidates you want there and who you want to be Space Rangers. My next post will show you what I mean in regards to this.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Legendary Battle


Zack = Black
Kimberly = Pink
Billy = Blue
Aisha = Yellow
Jason = Red
Karone = Green
Tommy = White

Delphine = White Alien Ranger
Corcus = Black Alien Ranger
Cestro = Blue Alien Ranger
Tideus = Yellow Alien Ranger
Aurico = Red Alien Ranger


Kat = Pink
Tanya = Yellow
Rocky = Blue
Adam = Green
Trey = Gold


Green = Curtis
Pink = Shawna
Justin = Blue
Sylvia = Yellow


Carlos = Black
Cassie = Pink
T.J. = Blue
Ashley = Yellow
Andros = Red
Zhane = Silver


Damon = Green
Kendrix = Pink
Kai = Blue
Maya = Yellow
Leo = Red
Mike = Magna Defender


Joel = Green
Dana = Pink
Chad = Blue
Kelsey = Yellow
Carter = Red
Ryan = Titanium

Time Force

Trip = Green
Jen = Pink
Lucas = Blue
Katie = Yellow
Wes = Red
Eric = Quantumm

Wild Force

Alyssa = White
Danny = Black
Max = Blue
Taylor = Yellow
Cole = Red
Merrick = Lunar Wolf

Ninja Storm

Tori = Blue
Shane = Red
Dustin = Yellow
Hunter = Crimson
Blake = Navy
Cam = Green

Dino Thunder

Kira = Yellow
Conner = Red
Ethan = Blue
Trent = White


Bridge = Red
Blue = Z
Green =
Yellow = Sophie
Pink = Syd (my story for this is that she was told she was being promoted but she didn't want to because it meant changing her color)
Cruger = Shadow
Sam = Omega
Kat = Kat Ranger
Nova Ranger

Mystic Force

Xander = Green
Vida = Pink
Maddie = Blue
Chip = Yellow
Nick = Red
Clare = White
Daggeron = Solaris
Leanbow = Wolf Warrior


Will = Black
Rose = Pink
Dax = Blue
Ronny = Yellow
Mack = Red
Tyzonn = Mercury

Jungle Fury

Lily = Yellow
Casey = Red
Theo = Blue
RJ = Wolf Ranger
Dominic = Rhino Ranger


Summer = Ranger Yellow
Scott = Ranger Red
Flynn = Ranger Blue
Dillon = Ranger Black
Ziggy = Ranger Green
Gem = Ranger Gold
Gemma = Ranger Silver


Mike = Green
Mia = Pink
Kevin = Blue
Emily = Yellow
Jayden = Red
Antonio = Gold
Lauren = female Red
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