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Default Clearing crap up

This will be my very last time on this board. I know i have said this before but i have been hearing things about what certain posters are saying...

I dont understand why you are all cheesed at me for not coming to this board, as i made an announcement last year that i wanted this board taken down and i wouldnt post here anymore, because of the way the majority of you act. For whatever reaason it wasn't taken down - thats fine but it doesn't change what i said.

For those of you saying i treat my "fans" like crap...
I recall sending out a huge number of signed photos - i never asked for postage money, or copying money.. i covered all the costs myself.
I also recall replying to a huge number of emails personally...
i also recall replying to a huge number of posts on this message board...
But for a lot of you nothing is ever good enough.
And those of you saying i didn't respond to your letters - i have responded to everything i recieved in my hand so there muyst have been a problem with postage or an incorrect address.

For those of you saying crap about my boyfriend who is "bringing my career down" i would like to inform you that you have no idea why i had to leave my situation in New York (which is also none of your business) and for legal reasons i have kept the information to myself.

Yes my website has been taken down because i have decided to go back to acting.

Don't complain about the people on rangerboard either, they are a lot more grateful and less whiney.

And i am not talking about all the posters here - you know who you are.
As for those that have been supportive and kind i thank you for that.
As for the rest of you i sure hope you aren't as annoying and spoiled as you come across...
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